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Mercedes-Benz Has A New “Baby” G-Wagon On The Way

Mercedes-Benz Has A New “Baby” G-Wagon On The Way
Mercedes-Benz Has A New “Baby” G-Wagon On The Way

Currently, Mercedes is working on a “baby brother” for the famous G-Wagen. But this new G-Wagen looks nothing like the known G-Wagen. It looks more like the Ford Bronco. 

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Ideally, the vehicle is marketed in the same category as the Ford Bronco, it will be available with a gas engine and electric power. The new model draws its inspiration from the Mercedes Ener-G-Force, a concept car Mercedes unveiled a few years ago.

However, this new G-Wagon will be built on a brand-new body-on-frame platform. Mercedes calls it the MMA, which will be used for the next-gen CLA, CLA Shooting Brake, GLB and GLA, and on this “baby” G-Wagon.

Mercedes-Benz “Baby” G-Wagon
Mercedes-Benz “Baby” G-Wagon

The MMA platform is designed to be used for cars that measure around 4.5 meters. For reference, this would make the Baby G around 300 mm (11 inches) shorter than the main G-Wagon. 

Power & Performance In The Baby G-Wagon

back view of baby G-Wagon
back view of baby G-Wagon

The baby G-Wagon will be electric, but it will also be available with an internal combustion engine. Experts predict that it could also come with a hybrid version. This is mainly because the Mercedes boss, Ola Källenius, is in love with the G-Wagon.

Not only does he want to keep the nameplate alive, but he has also been working tirelessly to expand the line-up. That’s also why Mercedes recently introduced the new EQG, an electric G-Wagon, alongside an upgraded gas-powered version.

The baby G-Wagon is expected to debut sooner than later. The new MMA architecture is slated to debut sometime next year. The baby G-Wagon on the other hand is expected around 2025 or 2026. 

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