One of the first automobiles to be made was the Benz Patent Motor Car, which was made in 1888. This car will be displayed at the Auto Museum Dr Carl Benz in Ladenburg. It is the world’s oldest known automobile and will be returning to England in November 2008.

In 1886, Carl Benz introduced the patent motor car. It was produced by various companies and sold around 25 units. Model I was the first model that featured wire wheels. Other details such as the design details were adopted from bicycle manufacturers.

Also known as the Model II, this car was originally a three-wheeler. It was modified to four wheels for testing purposes. This car featured a unique axle pivot steering system, which was a significant advance in the development of automobiles. It is believed that only one unit of this car was built.

The Model III was regarded as the first automobile that featured a small series of variants with varying body styles. Customers were able to customize the car by adding various features such as a folding roof.

The Model II had two driven rear wheels and wooden spokes. The steering wheel was also equipped with solid rubber and steel linings. The front wheel had steel linings.
Emile Roger, a Frenchman from Paris, established the first foreign sales office in 1891. After supplying the Patent Motor Car Model III to Roger, it was sold to England. It is believed that this car was built in 1888 and was displayed at an exhibition in Munich the following year.

This car, which is regarded as the oldest Benz Patent Motor Car, has been in its original condition for over a hundred years. It’s also believed that this car was the first gasoline-powered vehicle to be operated in England. It features a leather-covered folding roof and a vis-a-vis seat bench.

Although it is not known who bought the car, it is widely believed that Roger exhibited the Model III at the 1889 Paris World Fair. An English buyer most likely saw the car in Paris and took it with him to the island. In 1913, the Science Museum purchased the car from a woman named Elizabeth Bath in Norfolk for five pounds. The car was given to her by her brother, who was working in the motor industry.

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