The Rolls-Royce has already unveiled the new extended wheelbase version of their new Ghost which rides on their own platform this time around and not a fancy 7 series. Now the longer wheelbase now is 6.7in longer than the short wheelbase for a total of 225in long. It also weighs 102lbs more coming in at 5,730lbs. Inside, customers get a champagne fridge and more legroom than ever. RR also has made a statement saying they are focusing more on luxury rather than the latest tech.

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Meet The New Rolls-Royce Ghost Extended

Rolls-Royce said that to maintain the Ghost’s ‘minimalist’ styling, its designers only extended the rear door and body around the openings, which ‘cloaked’ the extra length and helped to preserve the lines of the car.

rolls-royce-ghost-extended-interior carmart

A champagne fridge has also been fitted between the rear seats. Because the optimum serving temperature of champagne is 6deg C for non-vintage bottles and 11deg C for vintage bottles, the fridge has two cooling modes at those temperatures. Other comfort features include built-in wi-fi and a new air purification system.

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Under the hood, the 6.7L TwinTurbo V12 has gotten an ECU tune to now produce 536HP and 627 lb-ft of torque allowing for 0-60 in just 4.5sec paired to an 8 speed auto gearbox sending power to AWD.


This same theme carries over to the interior which appears as a shrunken down Phantom. Everything is very basic and “elegant” as Rolls says with wood trim, and nearly 20 half hides of leather. The dash features iDrive with a Rolls skin, then a new starlight dash panel, of course the starlight roof too. Back outside and we have some crazy trick suspension system with a damper on the upper front wishbones, air suspension, electronic dampers and the GPS/Camera system that scans the road ahead and adjusts the suspension before you encounter it.

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