This car should be a testament to the fact that many supercars are investment cars. This is none other than the incredible Ferrari F50, and it’s expected to fetch $6.5 million (₦4.5 billion) at an auction.

The car is number 8 of the 349 sample units built by Ferrari, and it has been kept in a garage and barely driven since it was first sold in 1995.

Limited Edition 1995 Ferrari F50
Limited Edition 1995 Ferrari F50

The first owner of the Ferrari was the lifelong Ferrari enthusiast Alfred Tan. Tan stored the supercar in his home garage in Singapore, where he kept it in pristine condition.

To ensure the odometer reflected only delivery mileage, Tan never even got behind the wheel. That’s to say, for 18 years after purchase; he never drove it for once.

Limited Edition 1995 Ferrari F50
Limited Edition 1995 Ferrari F50

After 18 years tucked away in his garage, Tan sold to another Ferrari enthusiast in Texas.

Since being imported to the United States in 2013, it’s been driven only a bit for exercise miles and “occasional enjoyment.”

As a result, the car has just 625 miles on the odometer.

This F50 comes with a factory-issued set of fitted luggage and a proper flight case for the removable hardtop.

Limited Edition 1995 Ferrari F50
Limited Edition 1995 Ferrari F50

It also includes all its documentation, including its 1995 certificate of origin.

Sotheby, the auction house, says: “To come across an immaculate tow-owner F50 with such mileage presents a very rare opportunity.

“This car is probably the best-condition example of Maranello’s important 50th-anniversary model that one might ever encounter.

“The pristine early-production F50 would make an exquisite addition to any sporting collection, particularly suited to marque enthusiasts searching for the best of the best, or those collectors pining to fill a gap in their assemblage of Ferrari’s lauded Big Five modern hypercars.”

RM Sotheby will set the car up for auction by December 10.

On the other hand, the F50 was built by Ferrari to celebrate the automaker’s 50 years of car making. Only 349 samples were made, ensuring its rarity and establishing the car as a bona fide collectable. 

When it was first unveiled at the 1995 Geneva Salon, Ferrari described the F50 as “the coolest you could get to a Formula One car for the public roads.”

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