In 2022, many cars were recalled. Some of the notable are Tesla and some Toyota models like the Sequoia and the Tacoma. Interestingly, considering how popular Toyota, Tesla, Honda, or other models are, you’d have thought they’d be the brand with the lowest recalls and most reliability in 2022.

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But they are not. Instead, Mazda took home the award of the brand with fewer recalls than other brands in 2022.

How Many Recalls Did Mazda Have In 2022?

Mazda had only one recall in all of 2022. That alone makes it one of the most reliable car brands. However, looking at more data paints a clearer picture of how impressive the accomplishment is.

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According to Forbes, other brands with just one recall include Bugatti, Ferrari, and Maserati. All of these brands sell a fraction of the vehicles sold by Mazda. In short, Mazda is the only manufacturer selling high-volume and affordable vehicles in this category of most reliable car brands. 

Even more impressive than one recall-only car at the beginning of 2022. So, no 2022 or 2023 Mazda models have been affected by a recall.

What Was The Mazda Recall Last Year For?

Mazda’s 2022 recall was for fuel pumps on several different models. Over 121,000 vehicles were affected, and dealership fixes were rolled out in January 2022. The fuel pump issue was related to the engine’s impeller pulling fuel. However, Mazda has sold over one million vehicles since 2018, and the recall of 121,000 is a great achievement for the brand.

Mazda Had Just Two Recalls For 2021-2023 Models & This Makes Mazda One Of The Most Reliable Car Brands

It is important to note that although the recall was from 2022, it was for vehicles built from 2018 to 2020. For 2021, Mazda recalled just two models of only 24,000 units. Those were the Mazda CX-9 for rear seats that could slide during a crash and the CX-30 for faulty power liftgate software.

And for the 2022 and the 2023 Mazda models, there are no recall reports. That statistic is surprising, but it does make Mazda one of the most reliable car brands available today.

What Causes A Vehicle Recall?

Typically, recalls respond to an issue that poses a safety threat to drivers and bystanders. Issues like the Mazda fuel pump problem can cause the vehicle to lose power at any point, which increases the potential for a crash. 

The source of a recall depends on the nature of the problem. Sometimes, automakers issue recalls for an unexpected issue with a specific part. Even the most reliable car brands issue recalls like these. Manufacturers often provide recall fixes at no cost to vehicle owners.


Those who buy new model cars in Nigeria and realize serious faults in their cars from the manufacturers can report that issue to the manufacturer’s dealership in cities like Lagos and Abuja. However, it’ll take a while to get fixed. But, it’ll be attended to at no extra cost.

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