10 Ways To Make Money With Your Car in Nigeria

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Having a car can give you other ways of making extra money as there are people out there that need the services of your car for a paid price. This could be a side hustle or a full-time job.

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Here are some services you can offer with your car and get paid;

1. Corporate Car Services (Uber/Bolt)

A corporate car service is a sure way to make money with your car. The movement of people from one place to the other is one action that almost everybody involves, and some would need the services of a car.

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Although there are public buses /taxis one can enter at cheaper rates, people prefer Uber for privacy, safety and time-saving. Uber gives more convenience as most cars used for this service are air-conditioned with drivers that have proven their mark in good driving.

You can engage in Uber services and get paid as there are lots of people in need of your service. There are lots of benefits one can enjoy, Uber is a company that’s into transportation and employs drivers with personal cars. It allows users to connect with drivers using the Uber app.

This app requires the passenger to choose a start point and destination, after which the user is then marked to a driver close to his/ her location.  Uber doesn’t only give you the privilege of making money through driving a car, it also allows you to interface with new areas as it doesn’t have a fixed route to cover, so one is entitled to visit new locations and also make friends as you meet different faces every day in the course of your work.

One good thing about Uber is you can be a full-time driver or do it as a side hustle. One settled fact is whichever you decide, money is made.

2. A Child Pick-up Service

Amanda's Pick up and Drop off Service
Amanda’s Pick up and Drop off Service

A Child pick-up service is one that requires you to pick up a child from school, rehearsal or any other designated location.

In today’s world where parents are always busy with work and other engagements, they may need the service of one that can help pick their wards for a paid course. All needed for this job is a car and you are good to go.

3. Equipment Transport Service

Equipment Transport Service
Equipment Transport Service

People travel far and near to buy goods and products and always need a means to transport them to a specific location. You can be involved in a service like this. Your clients range from tradesmen to companies.

4. Courier Service

Courier Plus Services Limited
Courier Plus Services Limited

Courier service refers to quick delivery of messages, packages, mails or any other. One fact about courier service is its security and tracking service. You can start up a courier service today by getting involved with clients that deliver goods or any other deliveries and start making some cool cash.

5. Vacation Rental Service

car Vacation Rental Service
car Vacation Rental Service

As people travel for vacations, they would need a car rental service for easy mobility, if you have an RV or any other nice car in proper working condition and good fittings, you can offer such a service.

6. Moving Service

Moving Service nigeria
Moving Service nigeria

As people acquire properties such as furniture or need to move their belongings from one space to another they would need a service like this, if you have a large vehicle you can offer for service like this and get paid.

7. Mobile Laundry service

Mobile Laundry service
Mobile Laundry service

This entails you picking up laundry offers from people’s homes for dry cleaning and also deliver back to their houses after being worked on. This service requires you to work in sync with someone in the laundry or dry cleaning activities.

8. Car Rental Service

Kunle Lawal Car Rental Service
Car Hire Services In Lagos: Best Prices Online

This service requires you to rent your car out, it could be for a day or a couple of days but this is dependent on your agreement with the person in need of the service. This is beneficial if you don’t always drive around in your car. Apps like Avis can help out; you can also visit Carmart.ng for car rental service today.

9. Airport Shuttle Service

Airport Shuttle Service
Airport Shuttle Service

It’s no doubt that people come from other countries every day and would need car services from the airport to their hotels or any other destination from the airport. Large vehicles will fit more for services as this might involve luggage or a larger group of persons.

10. Mobile Advertisement

Mobile Advertisement
Mobile Advertisement

At one point or the other, you should have seen people in cars with speakers, advertising and selling a product. This is another way to make some cool cash available to you. All needed for this is a car, you might be asked to put some adverts on the car, and this could be in the form of advertising signage or messages.

Get a car from the Carmart.ng today and start making some extra cool cash.

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