Luxury Interior: Check out the Top 4 Cars With The Best Ambient Lighting In The World

4 Top Luxury Cars With The Best Ambient Lighting In The World
4 Top Luxury Cars With The Best Ambient Lighting In The World

Ambient lighting takes a var from 0 to 100 real quick. However, many have different opinions about it. Some find it childish, others say it adds immense value to the car. According to researchers, it increases the perception of safety and value in a car.

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In general, the ambient lighting in cars brings a lot of fun with the constantly changing colours and playing with the combinations. Every automaker with cars that have ambient lighting they do its differences. So, here are the top four luxury cars with the best ambient lighting.


BMW X7 Ambient Lighting
BMW X7 Ambient Lighting

The BMW X7 is now equipped with new features and tech, setting it apart from competitors in its category. Not only has the German automaker added illumination to the double kidney grill, which, when lit, resembles a flowing waterfall, but on the inside, there’s also an illuminated panoramic sunroof, too. This sunroof comes alive at night and shows off stars on the sunroof, which means, if you ever wanted to stargaze and make a wish, the BMW X7 is the closest you can do that at all times. 

The stars are also paired with brilliantly-styled ambient lighting, creating a wonderful driving experience.

Lexus LS

Lexus LS Ambient Lighting
Lexus LS Ambient Lighting

The Lexus LS is currently Lexus’ flagship luxury car, and they made sure the vehicle is enhanced with the best of the best luxury items. 

For instance, in the interior, there’s a combination of traditional Japanese aesthetics with advanced manufacturing techniques. These are reflected in elements such as the soft ambient lighting that makes the armrests appear to float next to the door panels, which is pretty neat.

Mercedes-Maybach S Class

4 Top Luxury Cars With The Best Ambient Lighting In The World
Mercedes-Maybach S Class interior

The Mercedes-Maybach S Class is one vehicle with a comprehensive ambient lighting package. The package includes animated dynamic light strips wrapped around the cabin, with up to 64 colours you can choose from.

These colours add an extra layer of fun and luxury to the S-Class that anyone who drives in it will equally immediately testify to.


Rolls-Royce Ambient Lighting
Rolls-Royce Ambient Lighting

Rolls Royce took ambient lighting to the next stage with its visual effects. It has a starlight headlining available on several models that transforms the car’s roof into the illusion of a star-filled night sky. 

This special headlining material creates a magical ambient using hundreds of fibre-optic lights.


If you are looking to buy luxury cars with the best ambient lighting, these are the four luxury vehicles from which you can get the best ambient lighting. The Rolls-Royce is top on the list, not to mention the driving experience is equally enhanced by its passenger seat that provides ultimate comfort.

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