Mistakes are sometimes inevitable and the issue of accidentally locking the keys of one’s car in the car is one that has arisen several times. There are instances where you leave a child in a car just to get something and unknowingly to you, the child locks the car in a bid to follow you without knowing that he/ she has successfully locked the car key in there, whatever the scenario is the good thing is there is a way to retrieve it if you have a pull-up lock.

The first act to this is trying to check out alternatives like getting the spare key and when all of that seems unproductive, the next option will be the pull-up lock.

How is this achieved?

Just as the saying “different strokes for different folks”, different car types have a different locking mechanism, while older cars open manually; the power locks of newer cars have remote controls to get them opened.

You must be aware of your car’s unlocking mechanism as this plays a major role in the unlocking process. Below are a few methods that can be used;

1. Use of Shoestring

Does this come as a shock to you? If yes, worry no more as this will give you the output you seek. It is important to note that this car unlocking mechanism only works for cars that support unlock by pulling up. All that is needed is a shoelace with a small loop tied to its middle. This should be hooked around the lock, tightened, and then pulled up the string. This may require more than one attempt to get the result you seek.

2. Use a coat hanger

A wire hanger is needed as it is twistable and can also be straightened. Untwist the hanger and make a hook. Jiggle it to find the locking mechanism.

3. Use rod and screwdriver

This seems like the most useful method, you will need a screwdriver and a steel rod. You may be able to find a good substitute dependent on the surroundings you are in. This will require caution to avoid any exterior or interior damage. Slightly Poke the door with a screwdriver, stick the rod in and push the unlock button.

4. Use a strip of plastic

A slightly bent long plastic strap can be slid into the crack of the door. This method works for the pull-up type locks or any unlocking mechanism inside the car that you can trigger with a stick, rod, or access tool.

5. Call for help (Locksmith)

It may be required of you to call a locksmith to help out. Call and ask them to meet you at your car. Make sure to ask about rates as some can inflate prices, this will also give you an idea of how much it will cost to avoid being overcharged.

6. Use an inflatable wedge

This helps to avoid damaging car paint as it uses air to force open doors. The wedge creates space to insert an access tool like a rod or stick and a steady grip to pull or push the unlock button.

7. Use bobby pins

Pins play a vital role in the unlocking of a car and can be used to pick different lock types. You can decide to save up pins in your wallet safely, so you don’t have to start finding one when you will need it.

8. Use a spare key

It is sometimes advisable that spare keys be kept in a place where they are easily accessible as a car lock can occur anytime. If you stay in a safe environment, you can hide it in a safe place or give it to a friend that can be easily reached whenever such an issue arises.

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