Lexus Unveils Its First EV, the RZ — it’s first ever fully-electric SUV with 450-km range and Features

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Lexus is proud to unveil details of the new “RZ”, the luxury brand’s first globally-available pure Battery EV (BEV) model.

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The 2023 RZ 450e is the first nameplate to launch under the automaker’s “Lexus Electrified” vision for its upcoming all-electric models. Lexus has set a goal to offer EVs in each vehicle segment by the end of the decade and become a fully battery-electric brand by 2035.

Lexus Unveils the All-New RZ, the First Pure Battery EV for Global Markets
Lexus Unveils the All-New RZ, the First Pure Battery EV for Global Markets

Lexus faces stiff competition in an increasingly crowded EV landscape, with numerous luxury brands launching their own electric sedans, SUVs and crossovers. The RZ, a five-passenger SUV that will travel a maximum of 225 miles on a fully charged battery when outfitted with smaller, 18-inch tires, will go up against the likes of Audi, BMW and Cadillac, to name a few.

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The RZ’s battery setup will deliver even fewer miles when the crossover is equipped with a larger set of tires. That’s less range than many of the luxury EVs to debut this year, which could put the RZ at a disadvantage. General Motors, for example, says its new Cadillac Lyriq crossover can travel more than 300 miles on a single battery charge.

Lexus could give the RZ a competitive boost by keeping the base price below other luxury EV SUVs, including the Audi e-Tron and BMW iX. Lexus has not yet released pricing for the vehicle. If it is below $60,000, the RZ will face competition from the Volvo XC40, which has a 257-mile range, and the 225-mile-range Volvo C40.

Lexus Ev Rz
Lexus Ev Rz

It also may compete with the Toyota bZ4X crossover, which can travel up to 252 miles on a full battery charge. Both are built on Toyota’s e-TNGA dedicated EV platform.

That means power, performance and interior touches will matter if RZ hopes to stand out. And many of those details, including performance, price or production dates have not yet been released. But from what has been released the 2023 RZ does have some fancier details than the bZ4X, including a larger infotainment system. The 2023 RZ will use the same Lexus Interface multimedia system and 14-inch touch screen found in the latest versions of the brand’s NX compact crossover and flagship LX utility vehicle.

All New Lexus RZ 450e Features

  1. The evolution of the uniquely personalized Lexus Driving Signature using electrification technology
  • DIRECT4, a new all-wheel-drive force distribution system that supports predictable and faithful driving performance according to the driver’s intentions
  • A new, stronger human-machine connection is made possible through a Steer-by-Wire system
  • Achieves excellent driving performance with a dedicated BEV platform that enhances its fundamental characteristics
  • Achieves a balance between sound generation and very quiet interior space―the DNA of Lexus
  • Aerodynamic performance that contributes to driving performance and a cutting-edge design specific to BEVs
  • BEV system utilizing technology cultivated over many years with HEVs
back of Lexus RZ 450e
back of Lexus RZ 450e

2. A design that pursues a unique identity and proportions born from a dynamic driving experience

  • The new spindle body and vehicle proportions express the athletic Lexus BEV personality
  • Side and rear designs that express the dynamic performance brought about by electrification technology
  • Exterior colours that enhance the BEV character
  • Clean and expansive omotenashi interior space
  • A human-centred cockpit that maximizes driving pleasure
  • Ambient illumination and interior colors for a comfortable interior

3. Advanced safety technologies and omotenashi features that enrich the travel experience

  • Advanced preventive safety technology Lexus Safety System +
  • Lexus Teammate for comfortable mobility
  • Omotenashi functions that create a comfortable space
  • New functional values made possible through advanced technology

The space at the front and rear seats look spacious and they will have good light thanks to the wide panoramic roof. Added to all this are systems such as Android Auto, Apple CarPlay or a new voice recognition system that responds to the command ‘Hey Lexus’.

One of the biggest new features of this Lexus is its steering wheel. The yoke steering wheel will remind one of a Tesla Model S Plaid or Model X. With electronically controlled steering, it can do all the manoeuvres with a turn of up to 150 degrees, all with four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive control. The cabin has other attractions such as the digital dashboard or the 14-inch central screen. The design of all the interior is minimalist and elegant, following the Lexus tradition.

The interior of the Lexus RZ 450e is dominated by a new yoke steering wheel
The interior of the Lexus RZ 450e is dominated by a new yoke steering wheel

The Lexus RZ 450e comes with a 71.4-kilowatt battery. The brand promises around 450 kms of range on a single charge, thanks to a consumption of 18 kilowatts per hundred kms. As for the electric motors, this SUV has one on each axle. The front axle produces 203 hp and the rear 108 hp. The sum of these two engines provides a combined power of 313 hp.

In addition, the RZ will equip the latest driving safety systems with various cameras and sensors.

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