How well-versed are you in the Innoson IVM G20? Before we arrived there, the majority of us vowed never to acquire an MPV or a Mini-van, but today we often transport our children from one Danfo to another. Minivans may not immediately spring to mind as the most opulent vehicle you could own.

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Innoson Motors IVM G20 back view
Innoson Motors IVM G20 back view

You are correct. They aren’t. However, we bet that the IVM G20 will be much more engaging and entertaining than you can possibly imagine. It has all the small items you hadn’t considered as well as everything you anticipate needing. Consider the reasons below before purchasing an IVM G20.

  • First Class for Road Trips

Road trips demand a lot of concentration. In fact, the unpredictable nature of travel necessitates that the driver take extra precautions at all times to maintain safety. In a minivan, safety is of utmost importance, and the IVM G20 takes it very seriously. Remember that you are the focus of this car’s design, and it’s the little details you don’t notice that have a major impact on your driving experience. Small details, like the electronic stability control, make driving with your family more secure when the weather is bad.

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  • Simple for children to enter and exit

Most people lack the ability to quickly board and exit commercial buses, especially children. Children are more at risk and too young to encounter such an event in large cities where accidents happen as a result of impatient drivers who never abruptly stop their cars for passengers to get out.

IVM G20 side view
IVM G20 side view

Since the IVM G20 is low to the ground, even young children can easily climb inside of it. Additionally, sliding doors eliminate the risk of hands being crushed by a slammed automobile door. This is useful when you need your kids to hurry up and get in the car so you can load the minivan when you’re in a parking lot.

  • Plenty of storage

Whether it’s extra room or extra memory space, everyone wants more of it. Imagine owning a car with plenty of storage. The IVM G20 has a wide variety of storage spaces and compartments. This area is wonderful for travel since it allows you to place smaller bags in the floor space and frees up space inside the minivan so your kids’ legs can spread out instead of being crammed in between suitcases.

  • It’s a Single Family Car

The typical family size is growing in Nigeria. You’ll discover that having a beautiful, roomy car suddenly makes a lot of sense as there are more little children around. Many households are reducing their car fleet from two or more to just one. Even if deciding to become a one-vehicle family is a big decision, the Innoson IVM G20 is a smart choice. Everyone can have their own room thanks to the interior’s spaciousness and storage spaces. When a one-vehicle family loads up the minivan to leave for work or school, no one will feel crowded.

  • Lower maintenance costs

It’s crucial to maintain your vehicle, and you shouldn’t only leave it to mechanics. You may save a ton of money with the IVM G20. The cost of keeping the car in good condition is low.

  • Adaptability

The flexibility that the Innoson IVM G20 gives is one of the features that makes it so desirable in today’s driving culture. You may reasonably anticipate poor handling on the road with a vehicle this large and hefty, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised. The IVM G20 is actually quite sophisticated, with a comfortable ride and agile handling. Whether you need to transport people or just items, the IVM G20 excels when there are heavy loads to move. This car can comfortably transport seven passengers due to its cleverly designed seating arrangements.

  • It was very inexpensive

The IVM G20 is quite inexpensive. Additionally, you can buy the car using their auto-financing plan and pay it off in three years. The IVM G20 raises the bar for minivans. In the scorching heat of Nigeria, long, sweaty drives never sound like much fun, but this automobile makes them a breeze. It mixes the minivan’s utility with a premium car’s cutting-edge amenities. You’ll wonder how you survived without one after purchasing one.

Specifications IVM G20
Engine4×2 – 1.5L
Price in Nigeria  N37,025,000
Drive trainFront engine 4WD
Number of seats5
Fuel Type Petrol

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