Lagos is one of those states in Nigeria where you will find some of the most luxurious cars ever. Another state that competes with Lagos in this category is Abuja. But, in Lagos, it’s not everywhere you’ll find these cars. There are areas in Lagos where you’ll find the flashiest vehicles.

There are luxury cars seen on the Lagos Mainland and on the Island. Now, which of them has the most expensive cars between the mainland and the Island?

Lagos Mainland Vs. Lagos Island Expensive Cars

You’ll find expensive cars on the Mainland, but it’s not comparable to the number of luxury cars you’ll spot on the Island. 

Only a handful of luxury vehicles are seen on the Mainland, and they are often owned by people who live on the Island. 

However, on the Island, you’ll run out of the count of luxury vehicles because they are in surplus. The reason why there are many luxury cars on the Island is simply that wealthy people in Lagos mostly live on the Island.

The Mainland is dominated by Danfo buses and other commercial vehicles. Every once in a while, you’ll still spot a luxury car. So, in the competition between luxury cars on the Mainland and those on the Island, Lagos Island wins.

Luxury Cars You’ll Find On The Lagos Island 

Below is a list of some of the top luxury vehicles you’ll find on Lagos Island:

  • Rolls Royce 

The Rolls Royce vehicle is a car brand particularly designed for the wealthy. Rolls Royce does not cater to the low-income class. So, anyone who owns a Rolls Royce is certainly wealthy, and you’ll find many of these cars on the Island owned by wealthy Nigerians.

Paystack Shola 2019 Mercedes Benz G wagon
Paystack Shola 2019 Mercedes Benz G wagon

The G-Wagon is another SUV popular amongst wealthy Nigerians. It’s owned by almost all the wealthy people in Nigeria, and you’ll find various models of this vehicle on the streets of Lagos Island.

  • Ferrari 
Raphael2kriss's Ferrari 488 Spider
Raphael2kriss’s Ferrari 488 Spider

The luxury supercar Ferrari is a popular vehicle owned by the wealthy. While SuperCars are unpopular in Nigeria, the Ferrari has been severally spotted on Lagos Island.

  • Lamborghini Urus
Pretty Mike – Lamborghini urus
Pretty Mike – Lamborghini urus

The Lamborghini Urus is another vehicle that is popularly seen in Lagos, Nigeria. But you’ll mostly spot this vehicle being driven on the Island by the few Nigerians who own the cars. 

The Lamborghini Urus is Lamborghini’s best-selling SUV. In Nigeria, there are several celebrities like Wizkid who own the vehicle. He’s been spotted driving his green  Lamborghini several times. 

  • Bentley Bentayga & Continental 
Davido Silently Bought New Bentley Bentayga Or He Repainted His Old White Bentley To All Black
Davido Silently Bought New Bentley Bentayga Or He Repainted His Old White Bentley To All Black

The Bentley is another popular luxury SUV you’ll find on Lagos Island. This vehicle is owned by a handful of Nigerian celebrities like Davido, who owns the Bentley Continental. 

There are only a few Bentley SUVs in Nigeria, and if you are not seeing them in Abuja, Lagos is the next place you’ll find them, and it’s on the Island.

  • Mercedes-Maybach
2022 Mercedes-Maybach S-class white
2022 Mercedes-Maybach S-class white

The Mercedes-Maybach vehicle is another luxury car owned by most Nigerian billionaires and politicians. In fact, it’s the official vehicle of the Nigerian president, and it’s also owned by the Nigerian billionaire Obi Cubana.

You can spot the Maybach in Lagos, but it’s only on the Island where the owners reside. 

  • Range Rover SUV

Range Rover suddenly became the dream car for many in Nigeria. Many wealthy people in Nigeria own this vehicle. The Range Rover, which has been redesigned as a luxury SUV equipped with the best tech features, can be found on the Island where many of its owners live.

  • Bugatti 
Bugatti Veyron Price In Nigeria, Reviews And Buying Guide
Bugatti Veyron Price In Nigeria, Reviews And Buying Guide

The Bugatti is another SuperCar you’ll find in Nigeria. It’s rare to find, but when you do, it’s either in Abuja or Lagos Island. 

The Bugatti is a luxury SuperCar with various limited models. The supercar is extremely expensive. A Bugatti Veyron costs over 1 billion Naira. 


These are some of the luxury cars you’ll find on Lagos Island. With this, it beats the Mainland because the owners reside mostly on the Island, and those are the areas where they drive their cars around. 

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