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Keke Napep Price In Nigeria, Best Tricycle Brand to buy in Nigeria

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Tricycle Price In Nigeria – There used to be a time when the only means of transportation on the road used to be cars and bikes. Those days are no more because of the explosive growth of tricycles, popularly known as Keke Napep or Keke Maruwa in Nigeria. Today, Keke Napep is not only a popular means of getting around for passengers, but it’s also a lucrative business for riders.

Getting around through Keke Napep is actually preferred to bikes by many due to its stability and its shelter, which cannot be provided by the two-wheeled and unsheltered bike, popularly known as Okada in Nigeria. Also, a Keke Napep could easily make it across roads that aren’t suited for cars but for bikes. So, it serves as a major competition for bikes.

A short history of Keke Napep in Nigeria

The names, Keke Napep and Keke Maruwa could sound quite funny to you but they aren’t without their own origins. The tricycles were first introduced to the Nigerian market, Lagos precisely, by Buba Maruwa, the Lagos state military leader at that time. Hence, the tricycles were dubbed “Keke Maruwa“. Later on, these tricycles were included in the National Agency for Poverty Eradication Program(NAPEP) plans under the rulership of former president Olusegun Obasanjo. Hence the name, Keke Napep.

However, it wasn’t until 2012 when public transport bikes were banned all across the country that Keke Napep suddenly began its explosive growth in usage. Today, it is a common sight.

Keke Napep brands in Nigeria

Keke Napep brands in Nigeria
Keke Napep brands in Nigeria

Some of the popular Keke Napep brands in Nigeria include

Suzuki Tricycle

Suzuki is the maker of cars, bikes, and apparently, tricycles. Their products are known to be of high quality while being able to handle rough roads with ease. Although Suzuki tricycles could seem to be more expensive than other brands, their products are worth every penny spent on them.

Piaggio Tricycle

Piaggio tricycles are also quite popular in Nigeria. And what are the most popular for? They are most popular for their efficient and minimal fuel consumption. And in a country like ours where we want to save every last penny that we can, a fuel-efficient vehicle is always welcome.

Bajaj Tricycle

You may already be familiar with this brand. Baja is a popular manufacturer of strong and durable bikes and tricycles. As a matter of fact, the ruggedness and durability of their products are the major reasons for their popularity in the Nigerian market.

Price of Other Brands of Keke Napep

Of course, the three above aren’t the only Keke Napep brands in Nigeria. We have some others, such as TVs, Vespa, Zongshen and Daylong, which are all of high quality and affordable.

Prices of Keke Napep in Nigeria

keke napep
Keke napep

As Keke Napep keeps growing in popularity in the country, it only makes sense that it begins to get slightly costlier. However, they are all still relatively inexpensive.

Brand New Keke Napep price

Price of  Bajaj Keke Napep₦700, 000 – ₦850, 000
Price of  Daylong Keke Napep₦730, 000 – ₦800, 000
Price of  TVS Keke Napep₦545,000 – ₦750, 000
Price of  Piaggio Keke Napep₦550, 000 – ₦700, 000

Used Keke Napep price

Price of  Used Bajaj Keke Napep₦200, 000 – ₦350, 000
Price of  Used Daylong Keke Napep₦180, 000 – ₦300, 000
Price of  Used TVS Keke Napep₦180, 000 – ₦350, 000
Price of  Used Piaggio Keke Napep₦250, 000 – ₦350, 000

IVM Keke Price

IVM Keke Price, Release Date, Innoson Warns Of Scammers 
IVM Keke Price, Release Date, Innoson Warns Of Scammers 

Although IVM Keke has undergone several road testing to ensure its functionality and reliability. It’s yet to be released in the Nigerian and global markets.

However, the company has earmarked a release date around August-September, 2022 and has not yet set the selling price to be 300 thousand Naira.

Things to consider before buying Keke Napep in Nigeria

Before you buy your Keke Napep, there are some things you really need to consider. Failing to consider these things might make you end up wasting your money on something you wouldn’t be happy with. So, here are a few things to consider:


Some brands are known for their high-quality products while others are known for their low fuel consumption. The point I’m trying to make is that some brands have been proven to be better than others in different aspects.  You should do a lot of research about the brand you want before you buy it.

Fuel Consumption

Just like cars and motorcycles, tricycles have varying fuel consumption rates. Since Keke Napep is majorly used as public transport, fuel consumption becomes a huge factor to consider. How far would you have gone before having to refill your tank? Make inquiries about this from dealers and users.

Availability of spare parts

This is where brand popularity becomes a big advantage. When your Keke Napep, just like any other machine, develops a fault that requires the changing of a part, would you have to go through hell and high water to get the part replaced? Or is it a very popular brand whose parts are common?

Now, don’t get it all mixed up. I’m not discouraging the buying of uncommon brands. I’m just saying that the more popular the brands are, the easier it is to get their parts, and the cheaper these parts are.

Tricycle Budget

This goes without saying. You can’t spend money that you don’t have. Don’t visit a dealer without having a budget in mind. However, don’t buy something you would end up regretting if your money isn’t enough to buy what you need. It’s better you wait a little till you’re able to gather some more money.

People also ask

How much is Keke Napep in Nigeria now?

On average, buying a fairly used Keke Napep tricycle prices ranges from ₦180,000 to ₦450,000 depending on brand and usage. If you are financially capable, purchasing a brand new Keke in Nigeria is within the range of ₦500,000 to ₦850,000 in the current economical climate.

What is another name for Keke Napep?

Tricycles are known by many terms in various countries including baby taxi, mototaxi, pigeon, jonnybee, bajaj, chand gari, lapa, tuk-tuk, tum-tum, Keke-napep, Maruwa, 3wheel, pragya, bao-bao, easy bike, and tukxi.

How much does Keke Napep deliver?

You can earn an average of ₦8000 daily running one yourself. However, if because of prestige you don’t want to be on the wheel, you can employ someone to run it for you and get a daily return of ₦2500.

Why is it called Keke Marwa?

Tricycles are a means of commercial transportation in Lagos. This led to the name Keke Marwa, which commercial tricycle is still referred to in Lagos to date.

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