Not too long from now, we will have an indigenous electric vehicle made from scratch in Nigeria, perfectly suited for Nigerian and African roads all over Nigeria. And to whom goes this credit? Jet Motors Nigeria!

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Jet Motors Nigeria, founded in 2017, is a Nigerian automobile manufacturer that designs and builds vehicles for African roads. The company, driven with the mission to accelerate Africa’s dominance in the future of mobility, employs high-end innovativeness in the construction of world class vehicles; and soon would become the ‘Tesla of Africa’. After about three years of research, testing, and iterative development, some of the earliest outputs of the company’s effort are the JET EV, Africa’s first-ever electric car, and the JET MOVER. Speaking on why it took this long to produce these two vehicles, Rupani Sanjay, JET’s Director of Sales and Marketing said:

“We wanted to create a global product that is built to last. We were obsessed with getting it right because, if our vehicles can work well on Nigerian and African roads, they can succeed anywhere in the world.”

Jet Mover

jet mover
jet mover

PRICE OF THE JET MOVER: Price ranges from 22 million NGN to 27 million NGN.

Jet Mover is a reliable, luxurious yet affordable minibus built by Jet Motors with the African and Nigerian landscape in mind.

Powering the Jet Mover is a 2.7 litre petrol engine that produces 120KW  and 260 N.m of torque. Power is sent to the wheels through a 6 speed manual transmission. The JET Mover is capable of sprinting from 0-60 in under 5 seconds.

Further commenting on the effectiveness of the Jet Mover, Rupani Sanjay said:

“The JET Mover is a combination of the best design and technology practices from Europe and Asia, tropicalised for Africa. The shock absorbers are stronger than average, ground clearance is higher, tyre sizes are bigger. Generally, our testing has led us to see what is best for the Nigerian and African market and that is what we have built with JET Mover, ”

jet mover interior
jet mover interior

As a true picture of it’s luxury and versatility, the Jet Mover can be customized for other uses beyond passenger travel — like tour bus, cargo, medical emergencies, as a school bus, military use, etc. For instance; the passenger travel version of the JET Mover is a 13-seater with leather seats and personalised entertainment system for each passenger.

Other standard and optional features include ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution), front and rear air conditioning, infotainment screens, DVD, MP3, USB, Bluetooth and reclining step for easy entry.

Safety features available on the Jet Mover include vehicle anti theft, parking radar and driver’s airbag.

Early adopters of the Jet Moved is the leading transport and logistics company, GIGM. In 2020, GIGM signed an agreement for the delivery of 2000 units of the JET Mover to replace their fleet over the next 3 years. Also, the Lagos, Edo, and Delta State governments are amongst the users of the Jet Movers for their travels.

Jet Ev

Jet Ev
Jet Ev

Powered by cost-efficient renewable energy, the Jet Mover EV will soon be launched to join the league of locally made electric cars in Nigeria and Africa. Having received ($9million) from Asian investors, GreatMan Legend, and Canadian-based ADC (Africa Development Capital) to finance the development of the Jet EV, we can only expect the best of technology and innovativeness to grace the Jet EV.

To further push it’s vision of supplying zero emissions vehicles in Nigeria, Jet Motors Nigeria already signed a deal with GIGM (God is Good Motors) company last year to supply them 50 units of the all-electric JET EV bus in the coming 2 years when the EV gets launched. As part of the partnership, GIGL will also receive 1-year maintenance of the vehicles and proper training of personnel in use and maintenance.

GIGL partners Nigeria’s JET Motor Company to launch electric cargo vans
GIGL partners Nigeria’s JET Motor Company to launch electric cargo vans

Current JET EV prototypes can be driven for over 300 kilometres on a single charge. For perspective, that’s the distance between Lagos and Benin. Charging facilities have been provided within GIGM Company in Gbagada, Lagos which can charge the Jet EV to full charge in 2 hours but the company will only use the vehicles for intra-state deliveries because of a lack of adequate charging stations.

The starting selling price for the Jet Mover EV is not yet known as the company is yet to reveal it.


As the world moves towards zero carbon emission vehicles, it’s laudable Nigeria won’t be left out with the launch of the Jet EV. However, the question remains; is it sustainable in Nigeria considering the present epileptic power output?

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