IVM Keke Price, Release Date, Innoson Warns Of Scammers 

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Although IVM Keke has undergone several road testing to ensure its functionality and reliability. It’s yet to be released in the Nigerian and global markets. 

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However, the company has earmarked a release date around August-September, 2022 and has not yet set the selling price to be 300 thousand Naira. 

On the other hand, the Innoson executive, Cornel Osigwe also warns buyers to beware of scammers that’ll be flooding the market as the company has no current production of the IVM Keke until August-September. 

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In a statement by Cornel Osigwe, the Head of Corporate Communications IVM Innoson Group, the company notes that what it currently has are a few prototypes of the IVM Keke, which are being tested. The purpose of the prototype is to enable the designing of the production model that will eventually be made available in the market soon. 

Nigerian Keke Napep - Innoson Introduces IVM-Branded Tricycles
Nigerian Keke Napep – Innoson Introduces IVM-Branded Tricycles

It was also during the statement that it was revealed that the first batches of the IVM Keke that’ll be released in Aug-Sept and the selling price is not 300 thousand Naira. 

In the statement, Cornel Osigwe notes, “What Innoson Vehicles produced were just a few samples for test marketing, this is to enable the end-users to give us feedback on some innovations added to it.

“We’re now collecting this useful feedback and the next set of first batches of the final products will come out between August-September.

“In essence, the factory does not have units to sell to the market now and the cost is not 300k. Buyers beware. Don’t fall for scammers.”

While there’s no certain price of what the IVM Keke would sell for, there’s still the certainty of its release date and the fact that it’ll be competing with other brands in the Nigerian market like Bajaj, Piaggio, and TVs. 

Currently, in the Nigerian market, Keke prices range from 600-950 thousand Naira.

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