Due to the actions of the celebrant, a mother’s desire to give her daughter a birthday gift that would live long in her daughter’s memory was unsuccessful. The mom gave her daughter a Tesla as a present for her 16 years birthday; however, her daughter did not appreciate the gift and wanted something else instead.

In a fit of rage, she walked out on her mother while politely declining the offer of a vehicle as a present and without expressing any sort of gratitude.

The little video began with her ecstatic mother presenting the Tesla that was parked in front of their house with a modest decoration on it.

Before she went outside to be surprised, she went inside and bought her daughter a blindfold for herself. Then she went outside herself.

On getting outside and in front of the car, the woman asked her daughter to take off the blindfold. The celebrant took off the blindfold and was not impressed with the car gift. She straightaway began to complain about how she preferred a pink Mercedes Benz to a Tesla. “I don’t like electric cars. I said a Mercedes Benz, I don’t like Tesla, she lamented to her mum.

The woman said she could only afford a Tesla and not the Benz and told the girl to check out an item on the car that contained $16,000 (over N7.3m), saying it is for her. But the girl was still unimpressed and slammed her mum, tagging the car ‘a truck’ and the cash gift ‘small money.’

She stormed out of the scene, saying it is the worst birthday ever. Her mum who was in the background all through expressed disappointment over her daughter’s action and said it got her upset.

She tagged the kid as ungrateful.

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