Is this hypercar from New Zealand Next Fastest Track Car? Check out Price & Features

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A car company in New Zealand known as Rodin Cars has revealed its latest model: the insane FZERO. And, looking at this car, you cannot deny that it’s not a strong contender as the next Batmobile.

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New  Zealand FZERO Track Car
New Zealand FZERO Track Car

Rodin Cars have notified the general public that it only has one goal for this hypercar—to make it “the fastest car around the track, without exception.”

If you are familiar with the American superhero actor Bruce Wayne, you’ll know that this FZERO hypercar looks precisely like something he should be driving.

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For a hypercar like this, there are sure to be obvious aerodynamic purposes to its design.

According to Rodin Cars founder David Dicker, he says, “without the restrictions of building to a set of rules, we can make the car lighter, more powerful, and produce significantly more downforce.

New  Zealand FZERO Track Car
New Zealand FZERO Track Car

“The only real restrictions we face are the laws of physics, and we have even pushed those to the absolute limit.”

Powered by a crazy hybrid engine, the FZERO is made entirely from carbon fibre composite from front to rear. As a result, it only weighs 698kg (1538lbs)—that’s about as light as any car can get. That’s despite it measuring 5500mm (216.5inches), which is longer than a Toyota Land Cruiser.

What Is The Rodin FZERO Price?

New  Zealand FZERO Track Car
New Zealand FZERO Track Car

The Rodin FZERO won’t come cheap as the price is $2.2 million. However, it’s only one-third of the price of its competitor, the Red Bull RB17.

The company announced that only 27 examples would be made, and each will be built at Rodin Car’s remote 550-hectare facility on New Zealand’s South Island.

Frequently Asked Questions About FZERO Car

Which Company Makes FZERO?

FZERO is made by Rodin Car company based in New Zealand, and it’s the second car the company has made.

What Is The FZERO Car for?

The FZERO car is built to be a track car that is built to be able to go as fast as possible.

What Is The Top Speed Of The FZERO Car?

The FZERO track car was revealed to have 1,160 HP and 224-MPH Top speed.

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