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Is The Honda Civic Better Than The Honda Accord

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Sedans are disappearing from the marketplace at a fast pace, however, Honda keeps providing a well-stocked lineup of small cars. Two of the automaker’s greater awesome automobiles encompass the Civic and Accord. While the 2 cars compete in special segments and are special sizes, you could discover yourself cross-purchasing the cars at a Honda dealership.

honda civic vs honda accord
honda civic vs honda accord

In this assessment, we’ll see how the 2 cars stack up with each other to see which one is the higher choice for almost all consumers.

Honda Civic vs. Accord:  Prices

The Honda Civic which is the cheapest car in the market can be beaten by the honda depending on the dealership or where you see it. It is important to know the model year. For a 2002 Honda Civic, you can get it for an average price of N2,000,000 and the Accord can go for less.  The 2002 Honda Civic has an MSRP of N23,500,000. Meanwhile, Accord fees begin at N25,850,000. The elective 2-litre turbo Accord begins at almost N32,000,000, which can be pretty high priced for a few shoppers.

Honda Civic vs. Accord:  Size

The Civic sedan’s legroom up the front is truly the same as the Accord at 42.3 inches. Tall passengers might also additionally experience little or no distinction between the 2 automobiles with simply 0.2 inches isolating each model. However, the rear legroom is higher withinside the Accord at forty-four inches (as opposed to 37. four withinside the Civic).

Honda civic vs honda accord back view
Honda civic vs honda accord back view

As the bigger vehicle, the Honda Accord gives greater indoor room than the Civic. The Accord has greater than 105.6 cubic ft of indoor area, whilst the Civic has ninety-nine cubic ft of indoor area. Overall, the Accord’s period is eleven inches larger than the Civic at 198. four inches vs. 187. four inches.

Cargo area is likewise a clean win for the Accord, as its trunk can maintain as much as 16.7 cubic ft of shipment area as compared to the Civic’s 14. eight overall. The Civic hatchback does have a respectable shipment area, with as many as 24. five cubic ft of shipment capacity.

Honda Civic vs. Accord:  Gas Mileage

The 2-litre Honda Civic receives 35 mpg in normal driving, that’s higher than the Accord’s gasoline financial system of 33 mpg with the 1.5T engine. When you do not forget the truth that the Accord is a far larger vehicle, this tremendously small tradeoff ought to make the Accord really well worth it.

The Civic 1.5T is rated at 36 mpg, while the Accord 2.0T is available at 26 mpg. An electricity score of 252 horsepower for the Accord 2.0T might also additionally appear tempting, however its excessive fee and decreased fuel line mileage can be off-setting for a few shoppers much less worried about overall performance.

Shoppers seeking to keep cash on gasoline will need to discover the Accord Hybrid. While Honda gives the Accord a hybrid powertrain, the Civic is most effective to be had with engines at this time. The Accord Hybrid can stand up to forty-eight mpg combined, that’s pretty good.

Civic vs. Accord: Which Is Better?

With a hybrid powertrain, a greater spacious indoors, greater effective engines, and a bigger trunk, the Honda Accord is the winner on this assessment over the Civic. It’s now no longer as new because of the Civic or as excessive-tech, however, for almost all consumers, the greater area and overall performance are higher trade-offs.

honda civic vs honda accord interior
honda civic vs honda accord interior

Having stated that, the brand new Civic is higher than ever. The redesigned Civic improves the nameplate in each manner imaginable. Buyers looking for a small automobile will discover that the Civic is an exquisite choice. In the very close future, the redesigned Civic Type R can be a thrilling preference for enthusiasts.

The Civic can be smaller than the Accord, however, it’s to be had with greater excessive-tech capabilities than the Accord. Honda gives the Civic a 9-inch touchscreen, a 10.2-inch virtual tool cluster, wi-fi cell phone compatibility, 4 USB ports, and a 12-speaker Bose audio system. The biggest touchscreen withinside the Accord is an eight-inch unit and the midsize sedan isn’t to be had with a virtual cluster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Honda Civic a good car to buy in Nigeria?

Yes, the Honda Civic is a solid car. Its standard engine performs satisfactorily, while the optional V6 is brisk on the highway. The Civic is perfect for almost any commute when combined with a comfortable ride, large seats, composed handling, and an easy-to-use infotainment system.

How many miles will a Honda Civic last?

The Honda Civic will typically travel anywhere from 200,000 to 300,000 miles over its lifetime, making it a vehicle with exceptional longevity. We have more here on how long the Honda Civic lasts.

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