“Imagine A Very Poor Country Like South Sudan”: South Sudan President Was Spotted Arriving With 50+ Car Entourage

South Sudan President Was Spotted Arriving With 50+ Car Entourage
South Sudan President Was Spotted Arriving With 50+ Car Entourage

A video that surfaced online shows the moment the current president of South Sudan, General Salva Kiir Mayardit, was seen arriving from Djibouti with a 50+ car entourage.

The President’s car entourage included over 15 police trucks, white full-size SUVs, G-wagons, and other rides that were accompanying the president to his destination.

Image showing South Sudan President car entourage
Image showing South Sudan President’s car entourage

The video that surfaced online has enraged a lot of people, as many have condemned the president’s actions, saying it’s unnecessary to have that number of security detail and cars following one person.

Watch the video here

Here are reactions to the post:

@ndijiego commented: “Wasteful cost of governance. Invest on security, and you wouldn’t be needing 50+ cars for entourage.”

@uzee_I commented: “Imagin a very poor country like south Sudan 🇸🇸 😢”

@adikwujohn_ commented: “Poverty mentality.. 🙄 If you are clean, you don’t need this much security. #oppressors

@autojetplanet_ng commented: “How is this country different from Nigeria, see the road the President of a country is plying sef, imagine the expensive fleet of cars in a poverty stricken country ……Africans country and poor governance 5&6”

@iamsirlumzy commented: “When dem nor say their hand nor clean. A president of any country will have a convoy of vehicles protecting them, but na African leaders dey over do”

@gcfr_esq commented: “The line is endless …. If the roads where those cars plied was as clean and beautiful e for no bad. You just Dey pack dust inside people nose”

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