If You Don’t Want Problem, Avoid These Mistakes When Towing Your Car

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Towing an automobile is a totally technical motion that we are able to discover ourselves doing at some unspecified time in the future. However, there are errors to keep away from, and we are able to analyse all but one of them in this article.

Cars are the various most unpredictable pieces of equipment that exist these days, in particular, once they have been used for some years actively on the road. Even the exceptional vehicles constructed for Nigeria’s breakdown.

When your automobile breaks down in regions where there aren’t any mechanics to be had or the automobile can not be repaired on the spot, then towing the automobile is the easiest solution. If you do not have the cash to spend on the right towing services, you may want to use an ordinary car to tow the automobile to the restoration vacation spot.

There are seven mistakes that you should avoid when towing a vehicle in order to avoid problems. If something goes wrong while towing your vehicle, the damage can be severe and costly. Adding any other trouble to the already ‘on-ground’ is something you do not need to take place.

This is why you want to watch out carefully for subsequent errors while towing your automobile right here in Nigeria. Mind you, that is for both the ‘tower’ and the ‘towee’!

Driving Fast

When you’re towing an automobile in the back of you, you ought to mechanically reduce the manner in which you boost up and pace. The cause is that while you pressure fast, there might be an excessive amount of strain on the rope/cable you’re using to tow the automobile. Usually, you ought to no longer exceed 15 mph.

If you apply too much force, the vehicle being towed may become stuck in the gutter. It is a heavy catastrophe if an automobile that is being towed breaks off at an excessive pace. If it’s miles of the kind of towing wherein there’s no driving force inside the automobile being towed, it might simply be the case of an automobile shifting at an excessive pace with no driving force.

Braking like an ordinary automobile

As the driver of the towing automobile, you ought to apply the brakes with an extra warning to keep the automobile in the back of you from slamming into your trunk. You must avoid each emergency braking now not simply with the aid of using slow, but with the aid of using slow with a sense of precision and accuracy. You need pressure like you don’t have any brakes. When you want to brake, tap on them slowly to alert the controller in the back of

As the controller of the automobile being towed, the manner in which you take care of your brakes might decide if the towing can be a success or not. If the vehicle that is towing you comes to a stop, you must time your braking so that it does not interfere with the current wave of towing. Slamming on the brakes because the controller will bring about the towing car being dragged backwards with the cable/rope.

Forgetting the significance of light

When your automobile is being towed, it’ll be of great significance for the automobile that is towing your automobile to have nicely functioning brake lights, flip signals, and threat lighting. This may help you anticipate and avoid turns as you manage the towed vehicle.

Make sure the rear tail lights are on when towing at night. This is important so that other road users can see that a car is being towed in front of them. If they try to overtake, they will do so carefully.

Last but not least, you need a tow sign that you need to attach to your car to warn everyone on the road from a distance.

Adjust the side mirrors for a wider view

When towing the car, adjust both side mirrors to give a wider view of what is behind you. Side mirrors typically only capture the view of the vehicle you are towing. This is also very important.

Simply tilt the side mirrors to get a wider view. You should have a view of both the vehicle you are towing and the vehicle behind or beside the approaching vehicle. You should also check your mirrors regularly to make sure everything is in order.

Ignore towing capacity

All cars have a towing capacity, and this is always stated in the car’s manual. Always make sure the weight of the vehicle you are towing is pulled by your vehicle as well as connecting the two vehicles with a cable or rope. Here’s a graph showing how much weight you can comfortably tow.

A side effect of towing another vehicle that exceeds your vehicle’s towing capacity is damage to your vehicle’s chassis. Also, the powertrain (engine and transmission). Try not to bite more than the car can bite through. If you can’t check your car’s manual, you should be able to search the internet for your car’s towing capacity.


You have learnt the errors you ought to keep away from while towing your automobile in order that it does not result in your car getting spoilt. You ought to be a higher automobile tower/tower from now on to keep away from memories that touch.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does towing put my car at risk of serious damage?

As long as you choose a reputable tow company that employs highly-trained drivers, you won’t need to worry about your vehicle being damaged during the towing process. At our shop, our drivers are experts at using our equipment in a way that prevents damage. However, if you’ve been in an accident it’s important that there’s a mutual understanding of the damage that the wreck caused so that it’s understood that the towing process didn’t cause the damage.

Can lowered vehicles be towed?

Yes. Usually, standard towing methods are fine for lowered vehicles. However, there are sometimes unique situations where special accommodations are made for lowered vehicles to be safely transported.

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