A recent video shared by the popular Nigerian car influencer Ola of Lagos has made many realize that most people in Lagos drive different cars on different days. 

Millions Of Naira Worth Rolls Royce Phantom Spotted In Lagos Express On A Weekend
Millions Of Naira Worth Rolls Royce Phantom Spotted In Lagos Express On A Weekend

The video shows off the type of cars you mostly find on Lagos roads during the weekend. These cars are not the cars you’ll find on regular work days. These are mostly like “cruise cars.” The type of vehicle a wealthy Lagosian decides to bring out of their garage on the weekend to have some good fun.

Some of these cars Ola of Lagos spotted on Lagos traffic are; a Rolls Royce Phantom and two Toyota Land Cruisers. From the video, it happens to be that the two Land Crusiers are escorts for the white Rolls Royce Phantom in the middle.

Someone in the comment section confirmed that the owner of the convoy is Otunba Shubomi Balogun, CEO of FCMB, and Olori Omoba of Ijebuland.

In the video shared on his Instagram page, Ola of Lagos captions it: “What Men Drive During Weekend in Lagos. I will never be poor…..It’s Plenty!”

Since sharing the video on his Instagram page, here are some of the people’s comments on the post:

“People get money sha
And some people no get anything”

“😂😂😂😂😂 na Millions he dey use escort Billions”

“Where you Dey see all this cars, you this guy 😂”

“U dy use Lexus video rose Royce 😂”

“All these things no matter for heaven”

“That’s Otunba Shubomi Balogun…CEO fcmb and olori omoba of ijebuland”

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