A Nigerian woman who has been saving since 2021 has finally broken her piggy bank and counted a total of ₦‎291,000,000. 

The woman named Innocentia Olisa shared the news on her TikTok page. She disclosed that the total amount of money she made through her piggy savings is ₦‎291,000,000 in total. She also declared that the money would be enough to purchase a Toyota Venza.

Nigerian Lady After Breaking Her Piggy Bank
Nigerian Lady After Breaking Her Piggy Bank

In the video, she said he heart was pounding because many people have always reported missing money on their piggy banks recently. However, hers was different as she counted so much money in different naira notes.

She noted that this money is the money she’s been saving towards buying a Toyota Venza for herself. But, at the end of the day, she realized that ₦‎291,000,000 could not afford a decent Toyota Venza in Nigeria.


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Today in Nigeria, the cheapest Toyota Venza costs about ₦‎3,000,000, and that’s for a Nigerian used 2009 model. For a foreign-used 2009 Toyota Venza, it’ll cost ₦‎6,700,000 million. 

While ₦‎291,000,000 is a lot of money to save, it’s still a long way from the amount required for a Toyota Venza.

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