Since the start of the week, a luxury car war has been going on between Abuja and Lagos big boys. The car war started after the Lagos Vs. Abuja car cruise organized by the celebrity car influencer Ola of Lagos

Abuja celebrity car dealer @Abujacars returned to Ola’s Instagram account days after the cruise to remind him that Lagos lost, saying: “Abuja 10-0 Lagos.” He argues that Abuja has more luxury cars than Lagos’s big boys. That was the beginning of what has now turned into a huge car battle between big boys in these two megacities.

Car enthusiasts on Instagram have reacted to this trend, with some agreeing that it’s true. At the same time, others disagree, saying that Lagos big boys are always busy on weekdays and cannot go on car cruises, so there weren’t many luxury cars during the cruise.

Here’s what @supercarsofnigeria has to say about the ongoing luxury car battle: 

“I don’t know the genesis of this ‘Abuja vs Lagos’ car wahala, but these Abuja boys should know say the way motor full Abuja na so e full Lagos. The car in this video is a 1 or 1 2022 Brabus 550, na Lagos e dey, the legendary V12 Ferrari F12 Berlineta, probably the only one in the Country, na Lagos e dey….numerous Lamborghinis including the Aventador SVJ, the ultra-luxury Maybach 62s Landaulet, only 8 was made worldwide, Birdman owns one, DJkhaled owns one, 2 in Dubai to carry high profile people from Airports to Hotels, I see one with my korokoro eyes, one is in South Korea also as chauffeur, AND there is one in Lagos, not even on the island, it’s in Ikeja GRA, and it might probably be the only one in Africa, na still Lagos e dey, Lexus LFA sef dey, Tesla yapa, Bentley yapa, Rolls-Royce na pure water, including the latest models, 2023 Ghost, 2023 Cullinan Black Badge etc, Ferrari yapa etc. I no sure say any car dey Abuja wey no dey Lagos except a Bugatti Veyron, but then, a Bugatti Chiron is on it’s way to Lagos just for display in a show room, so Abuja noise makers do more of performance, dey drive motor up and down dey get accident and dey over speed anyhow, na why BMW full there. The fact say na some of our young boys come out on Saturday in Lagos and na Lexus IS and GLK full there no mean say na the definition of the Lagos Car Culture be that, we the Lagosians are low key.”

Social media users reacted to the post by saying: 

@mr_dunah said: “I am a car enthusiast, i am an Abuja boy. I live in Abuja and I’ve also stayed in Lagos (still vist from time to time). I want to say emphatically, that Lagos has more luxury cars than Abuja. You can’t even compare. So don’t even stress yourself trying to prove any point. Its not evn an argument. At least not yet.”

@coby_minds commented: “The rolls Royce in Okeowo’s garage is more than all in Abuja, Jowi David wizzy burna got more luxury cars than the whole Abuja and that’s not cap, I still haven’t mentioned other men in Lagos.”

@reoluwa wrote: “That’s cap! The amount of luxury cars sitting and rsuting away in Abuja plenty @supercarsnigeria, una no get.”

@carcontinent replied saying: “@reoluwa no be to type am, show us proof. We have stories of such cars here too, right now we only believe what we see.”

@reoluwa replied back: “@carcontinent I’ll inform my northern brothers to roll out their autobots…let’s start!”

@1_am_confused_f replied @reoluwa saying: “bmw Benz Lexus or which limited edition?”

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