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Hyundai Kona Electric Price in Nigeria: Made in Nigeria Electric Car

Stallion Motors broke the jinx that Electric cars cannot be built or even survive in Nigeria when they launched the first-ever Nigeria-made Electric car named Hyundai-Kona. Since 2014, Stallion Motors has been assembling Hyundai cars locally in Nigeria. Today, Hyundai represents a reputable car brand known for durability and affordability amongst Nigerians since its entrance into Nigeria’s automobile space in 2007.

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As the days go by, the interest of Nigerians is piqued by this Naija-made EV. We have got the answers for you in this article. Read on as we give a review of Hyundai-Kona and its prices in Nigeria.

Hyundai Kona Exterior

hyundai kona in nigeria
hyundai Kona in nigeria

The exterior design of the Hyundai Kona is nothing shy of the exquisite design of other Electric car models like Tesla, BMWi3 etc. A look at the thin headlights makes you assume that the car is squinting its eyes, but it all makes the Hyundai Kona fun to gaze at. Coupled with a floating roof design, the Hyundai Kona further takes a futuristic outlook as the usual front grilles are absent giving way for the charging port to be located just below the front Hyundai logo on the left-hand side. You just push the flap in while the car is unlocked to access the charging portal.

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The external dimensions of the Hyundai-Kona show a Length of 4180mm, Width of 1570mm, Height of 1570mm and a Wheelbase of 2600mm. Being a subcompact SUV, these dimensions affirm its small-sized structure. In addition, plastic styling for the wheel arches, and lower parts of the front and rear bumpers.

Hyundai Kona Interior

hyundai kona Interior in nigeria
hyundai kona Interior in nigeria

Open the doors of the Kona EV, and you are greeted with a warm space made with upscale materials. First, the EV will seat 5 people. However, the rear seat is a bit tight with limited leg room space, hence, tall adults might have leg cramps on a long journey.

Hyundai Lina’s AC system is well built and effective to keep its passengers warm irrespective of the heat of Nigeria’s sun. A finely arranged centre console and centre stack with a secretive area for keeping stuff in between the two front seats are available.

Hyundai Kona Infotainment And Connectivity

Three trims are available in the Hyundai Kona EV. These are the SEL, the Limited, and the Ultimate trim level. Pre-installed in all trim levels is a touchscreen system that features Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability. This system is easy to use and operate. The SEL comes with a 7.0-inch touchscreen while the Limited comes with an 8.0-inch screen and the top-spec Ultimate trim comes with a 10.7-inch touchscreen.

A 6-speaker audio system is standard while the Limited and Ultimate have an 8-speaker audio system.

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Hyundai Kona Engine And Performance

The electric car has an inbuilt 201-hp electric motor powered by  64.0-kWh battery that helps the Hyundai Kona EV achieve the 0 to 60 acceleration time of 6.4 seconds.

Also, only the front-wheel drive option is available. It uses a single-speed automatic transmission that is controlled by 4 buttons in the centre console: Park, Neutral, Reverse and Drive.

Hyundai Kona Battery Life, Charging And Driving Range

hyundai kona charging in nigeria
Hyundai Kona charging in Nigeria

Like all Electric cars, the Hyundai Kona needs charging for it to work. Two charging options are available for users. First is, to use the regular domestic socket with either a powerful generator that can provide up to 240v or PHCN electricity and this makes the Hyundai Kona EV charging take 23 hours for a full charge. The second option is to buy a wall box and then plug it into either a generator or PHCN supply and this will take about 9 hours.

On a full charge, Hyundai Kona can travel for up to 482km before needing another round of charging. The estimated battery life for Hyundai Kona according to its manufacturers is 5 years.

Hyundai Kona Safety Features

Even with Electric cars, safety features are still very much important. Safety features in the Kona EV include;

  • Standard automated emergency braking with forward-collision warning
  • Standard lane-departure warning with lane-keeping assist
  • Adaptive cruise control and pedestrian detection
  • Blind-spot monitoring

Hyundai Kona Ev Price

The table below shows the prices of all available trim levels of Hyundai Kona assembled and sold in Nigeria:

Hyundai Kona EV variantsPrice (Approximately)
Osinbajo Test Drives Made In Nigeria Electric Car “Kona”


Hyundai Kona EV assembled by Stallion Motors is a good sign that Electric vehicles can thrive in Nigeria. We look forward to more Electric vehicles being made locally, as we envision a greener Nigeria.

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