HYUNDAI is slowly finding its way to a first-round pick for Nigerians trying to buy a ‘Sleek’ and Economical Car.

234Drive disclose this via their Twitter thread, remember in our recent post ‘How Hyundai Sonata And Elantra Is Slowing Dominating Nigerian Roads‘.

Here’s everything you should know before paying for that Hyundai Car you won’t stop dreaming about.

It’s not Japanese

Hyundai is a Korean brand that took a lot of cues from Japanese cars like Toyota & Honda. This means they are on the third tier when it comes to pricing with Benz at first and Toyota at Second.

Parts Are Pricey

You buy a Hyundai cheaper but maintain more than a Toyota because the stereotype of Hyundai users in Nigeria is the “co-operate” guys, their parts are more expensive than Hondas or Toyotas in the market.

Most Models Are Economical

The backbone of the Hyundai brand is fuel economy…all their engines do not consume fuel and this just makes sense…you are average spending 7k weekly on petrol if you are a regular city driver.

Design Gets Better Every Year

Hyundai has been putting out the best car designs in the last 5 years and that won’t stop anytime soon. Hyundai is the new definition of sleek in the affordable car market.

Second Hand Value Is Growing

The second value of Hyundai cars has been growing with the adoption of cars like the Sonata for Cab Hailing businesses.

Best Models

The best models of the Hyundai to buy in order of reliability are; Accent, Elantra and Sonata. The only engines that should scare you should be the Turbocharged engines, Hyundai is still finding its way around building powerful engines.

If there’s any Hyundai Car you are looking to buy, let us know under this thread and we will help you with whatever you need to know.

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