Amongst all countries in the world, China is high-ranking in the production of industrial and consumer goods products of which many other countries can feed, and Nigeria is one of them. Nigeria is home to over 200 million people, and thus has a large market in constant demand for products, and China remains a ‘benevolent’ supplier.

As a Nigerian importer of cars or any other product, you don’t have to travel all the way to China to facilitate and secure the procurement of your desired products to China. There are various intermediaries who can help you with that. Multiple platforms exist to meet your product needs online, but Alibaba stands tall amongst them. Alibaba contains a rich directory of Chinese manufacturers and suppliers, along with information regarding the goods they supply. 

A major burden that bewails most importers is the Transport Route. The rule of thumb is to go for the route that guarantees the safest, cheapest, and fastest option.

Transport Routes For Shipping From China To Nigeria

The best option you can choose when shipping from China to Nigeria is to employ the services of Courier companies and cargo shipping companies. Generally, you can ship your product by Air freight or by sea. Air freight is usually faster and more expensive than going by sea. Air freights are often dependent on the weight of the package, usually packages weighing over 250kg are better shipped by air. Sea freights are advisable if you are shipping a very large or heavy package; however, the transit time is longer.

Steps To Buy Any Car From USA And Ship To Nigeria

Express Post involves the use of courier services like DHL, FedEx, UPS. These companies have an outstanding track record of success in Nigeria. DHL even offers door-to-door services, with a minimum order of 1kg. The supply ability of the company is 30,000kg.

Transit Time When Shipping From China To Nigeria

The transit time for sea freight is around 45 days. For airfreight, the transit time is within 7 days. There are air freight companies in Lagos that handle shipments from China to Apapa, Lagos, every day of the week. Find below, a delivery timetable from various ports in China to Nigeria.

Port of OriginPort of DestinationDelivery Timeframe
Shenzhen Sea PortApapa Port, Lagos31 days
Shanghai Sea PortApapa Port, Lagos33 days
Guangzhou Sea PortApapa Port, Lagos31 days
Ningbo Sea PortApapa Port, Lagos32 days
Tianjin Sea PortApapa Port, Lagos41 days
Qingdao Sea PortApapa Port, Lagos37 days
Dalian Sea PortApapa Port, Lagos42 days
Xiamen Sea PortApapa Port, Lagos30 days
All Chinese airportsMurtala Muhammed Airport Lagos5-7 days
All Chinese airportsNnamdi Azikiwe Airport Abuja5-7 days

Main Seaports in China from which goods are shipped into Nigeria

  • Guangzhou
  • Shenzhen
  • Shanghai
  • Ningbo
  • Xiamen
  • Qingdao
  • Tianjin

Main Seaports in Nigeria that receive cargo from China

  • Lagos Port Complex
  • Tin Can Island Port
  • Calabar Port
  • Rivers Port Complex
  • Onne Port

Air Freight From China to Nigeria

Airfreight represents your fastest option as far as shipping is concerned. If you ship with cargo planes, your items can bedroom for within 7 days. The cost of air freight, including customs duty payments, starts from $5.2 per kg.

Also Check:

Main Airport in China

  • Beijing
  • Shenzhen
  • Guangzhou
  • Chengdu
  • Shanghai
  • Hangzhou
  • Xi’an

Main Airports in Nigeria

  • Murtala Muhammed airport
  • Nnamdi Azikiwe airport
  • Kaduna International airport
  • Aminu Kano airport

Shipping routes from China to Nigeria

Ships are known to follow a given route when moving cargo from one point to the next. In the case of China to Nigeria shipping, the common route sea carriers ply is :

The Yellow Sea – East China Sea – Hangzhou Bay – Philippine Sea – South China Sea – Indian Ocean – South Atlantic Ocean – North Atlantic Ocean – Gulf of Guinea – Bight of Benin Bay – Port of Lagos, Apapa Nigeria (final destination)

How To Ship From China To Nigeria

Product Research

Research is a crucial step in shipping because there are many suppliers and products out there. Lack of quality research might make you fall prey to online predators with scam websites. Depending on the product you want, search for the best of the products, compare the prices and make a choice.

Evaluate The Importation Process In Nigeria

Every country has its rules and regulations concerning what can enter its border. Certain products are classified as prohibited or contraband; you need to be aware of this so you don’t become a criminal.  Study the import regulations and find out what relevant documents are demanded of importers. The easiest way to get sufficient and accurate information about the Nigerian importation process is to visit the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) website or to get in touch with a reputable shipping agent or company.

Secure A Reliable Supplier

A reliable supplier is good for your safe shipping of products from China to Nigeria. Once you find a reliable supplier, initiate contact to find out the following:

  • Price per unit
  • Factory of origin
  • Customs fee
  • Transportation and logistical costs
  • Discounts (if any)

If you  are comfortable with the terms in the offer, demand the sales contract, which will include the Name and address of the manufacturer, business license number, Seller’s name, and address, product specification, and every other vital information

Pick A Preferable Shipping Method

As I mentioned earlier, pick a shipping method that is safe, cheap, and fast. The nature of the product you are shipping and how urgent you need it also influence the shipping method you can take advantage of. Also, bear in mind that import duty is part of the levy you need to settle for shipping products in Nigeria from any part of the world. In broad terms, under the Law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the tax charged as import duty is currently pegged at 7.5% of the value of the goods.

Cost Of Shipping From China To Nigeria

    Port of LoadingContainer size    Price in NairaPrice in dollar
Shanghai to Lagos Nigeria20FT Container₦1,405,300from: $2990
Shanghai to Lagos Nigeria40FT Container₦1,645,000from: $3500
Shenzhen to Lagos Nigeria40FT Container₦1,7155,00from: $3650
Ningbo-Zhoushan to Lagos Nigeria40FT Container₦1,875,300from: $3990
Guangzhou to Lagos Nigeria40FT Container₦1,692,000from: $3600
Qingdao to Lagos Nigeria40FT Container₦1,762,500from: $3750
Tianjin to Lagos Nigeria40FT Container₦1,927,000from: $4100
Xiamen to Lagos Nigeria40FT Container₦1,645,000from: $3500
Dalian to Lagos Nigeria40FT Container₦1,645,000from: $3500

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