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How To Negotiate Car Price As A Car Seller

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As a car seller, know how to get the best price for your car from car buyers. Yes, you heard us right. Know how to get the best deal for your car and how you can negotiate for the best car deal.

As a car seller, you set the price; you determine what your car sells for and how much lower you can go for it. But, what you don’t know is that sometimes, car buyers have an added advantage when it is time to negotiate. If you sell privately, there is probably one-on-one communication between you and the buyer, and this puts you in a better position to negotiate in such instances. When we say the buyer has an added advantage, we mean they would have done the necessary research online. 

For instance, if you wish to sell your 2007 Toyota Corolla to them for N4,000,000, through the research they conducted, they would be able to determine that such a price is higher than the market value of the car in a way that it is more than 13 years old, and setting the price at such a high threshold would lead to a devaluation once haggling starts. In this case, you would want to ask yourself: “How well is the car conditioned to meet the car value? How well does it perform on the road? How many miles have been on the car? Have any significant repairs been done to the car? Is the car still in its original body?” If you can answer all these questions, you can determine how much your car is worth. 

One thing you need to note is that, as a car seller, you also need to do the research you would want to sell. If you know what you are doing and saying, you can get a good price from the car buyer. Here are a lot of things to do as a car seller to get the best price for your car. 

Do your research thoroughly

If you are a private car seller, you must ensure you do adequate research on the car you are selling. No one is an immediate car guru, so you want to know some things about the car you are selling, such as the engine type, the year it was produced, whether it has any particular special functions, whether it is a sports edition of the regular type, and whether it has been the subject of any recalls from the manufacturer. The list may seem long, but these are the basic things to cover as a car seller. Buyers are always on the lookout for car scams, and you must do all you can to show you are genuine and don’t want to defraud them of their money. By setting the tone with knowledge, you can get the best price for the car you are selling. How can you do this research? By using the car finder tool on

Don’t set a sticker price

This is room for failure before the negotiation begins. One thing sellers fail to realise is that setting a sticker price with little or no room for negotiation will make your car start “packing dust” because of the rigidity of the price set. You don’t want to set the price so high, and in the worst-case scenario, you don’t want to set the price too low; this might lead to scepticism on the part of the buyer. Know your strengths and your limits for negotiation. As a general rule, you don’t want to set your car’s price more than five per cent below its market value; this should be your limit when the negotiation starts. 

Buyers are notorious for haggling on a different level than the seller; they want to get the lowest price possible for the car, and that is always on any buyer’s mind, so you should use a very popular technique that most sellers use. Although this is mostly for negotiation purposes, go a lot higher than your set price but don’t exceed the market value of the car, so when the negotiation starts, you don’t pass that five per cent threshold. 

Don’t come off as desperate

Like how car sellers can sell desperation to a car buyer from a mile away, car buyers can do the same. If the car has been sitting without a buyer for a long time, desperation starts to set in, and you might even want to sell the car at just any price, just to have something in your pocket. No matter what doesn’t come off as desperate, buyers would surely take advantage.

Even if desperation sets in, remind yourself that the car should be sold at a reasonable price that actually matches the car. As a way to combat desperation as a car seller, you need to settle for a reasonable price for your car, even when the buyer doesn’t want to budge. You politely terminate any further agreement. 

Selling a car isn’t easy, just as buying a car isn’t easy. How can you solve this problem? is the answer to your problem. You can buy and sell cars with a very easy process that allows you to be discovered by many buyers in no time. 

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