How To Modify Your Car | The Ultimate Beginners Guide

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This topic reminds me of ‘Pimp my Ride’. Pimp my Ride was an American series that aired on MTV from 2004 to 2007. In this series, you’d see people bring in their uncool and sometimes almost dead cars and they’ll be transformed into very cool cars with wonderful features.

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It’s 2022 and they no longer air ‘Pimp my Ride’ and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your car go from uncool to cool. You can easily modify/pimp your car using these few budget-friendly tips and if you know a bit about cars and have access to the necessary tools needed, you can actually do it yourself (DIY).


We begin with the interior. You can take your interior to the next level by doing the following:

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car interior
car interior
  • Change the seat cover: Changing your seat cover is the ultimate game-changer when it comes to the interior of your car. The patched cover you currently have is what gives your car an older look. We’d advise going for high-quality leather because leather is better than cloth obviously because cloth is prone to stains and absorbing sweat and water which can make your car smell but leather, on the other hand, can be easily wiped off. If you are on a budget, go for a leather cover that matches your budget.

Also, use colours that match. You don’t want the interior of your car looking like something a five-year-old painted.

  • Change your infotainment system where necessary: Replacing the radio of your car wouldn’t be a bad idea especially if the one you had was bad or outdated. A shiny radio can do wonders. Again, choose your colours carefully.
  • Change your dashboard: Depending on your budget and how damaged your dashboard is, you may consider changing it completely or spraying it. 
  • Put a steering cover on your steering wheel to modify its look. Remember, your colours must be in harmony.
  • Change the floor mats. Apart from the seats, this is the next thing someone notices when they step into your car or when the doors are opened. Do yourself a favour and get new ones so you can confidently open your car doors in public.



This is extremely important because it is the first part of your car that is seen. Remember, like a book, you can be judged by the exterior of your car so you need to pay careful attention to the exterior unless you want to drive something that looks like it was taken out of a storybook.

The following things should be done to modify the exterior of your car:

  • Paint your car: Get rid of all the dents on the car by visiting a panel beater and eventually a painter who will make your car look brand new. While painting, ensure you use glossy paint. It might be expensive but trust me, it’ll be worth it in the long run. While painting, ask that the side mirrors be painted too in order to give the vehicle a sharp look.
  • Lights: You can change the colour of your headlights just to add a little bit of glamour to the overall look of the car. But make sure the headlights are a colour that allows you to view the road at night. Also, the colour should be in harmony with the colour of the car.
  • The wheels: Yes, get wheels for your tyres. Shiny wheels can be seen. This will make the car look newer.
  • You can also get more adventurous by adding some body kits to the car. Kits such as a bumper, stickers, etc. But be careful not to overdo it so your car doesn’t end up looking like a moving disaster.
  • Change the exhaust: This may sound strange, but oftentimes, your car sounds like a trailer because of your exhaust pipes. Changing the exhaust pipes will ensure you have a smoother sound and it could lessen the vibrations of the car. 


Bear in mind that the items listed above are not strange things but things that can be bought from a local dealer near you. So, congratulations on pimping your ride!

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