It can be challenging to own a car that is low to the ground. This is especially true if you’re tall and wish to easily get in and out of the car. Hence, there are a few methods you can use to raise the car’s floor level. But none of these techniques is affordable or simple to use.

It’s uncommon for mechanics to be asked to raise a car’s floor or height. Some people, however, drive vehicles that are excessively close to the ground. They might even get back issues from repeatedly getting in and out of their car.

Also, vehicles that are excessively low to the ground are more likely to have debris damage to the bottom of the vehicle. The street or the rolling up and down of street entrances is where the debris originates from. Nothing is worse than hearing loud scraping sounds coming from the front or back of the car, I assure you!

A car with a poor ground clearance may need more repairs than one with a strong ground clearance.

So, there are a few ways to increase a car’s height so that the floor won’t be inches from scuffing on the asphalt road. The height differential between your car and the ground can be increased in four key ways, which are listed below. Select the approach or methods your vehicle can handle. When you’re done, you can anticipate a 2 to 3-inch increase in the floor height of your car. Get a pro to assist you when working on your car, please.

  • Buying wider or thicker tires

So, buying a wider or heavier-duty set of tires is the first way to increase the height of the bottom floor of your car. You heard me right, I assure you. The first technique you can employ is to get a set of tires in order to increase the ground clearance level of the floor of your car. The tires need to be wider than the size of your current tires. Here is how this technique operates:

It is normal for tires that have been in use for a while to start losing some of their sturdiness and integrity. This is merely what happens naturally as a result of use and wear.

Thus, you will notice more ground clearance if you haven’t changed your tires in a few years. The additional height of your car after buying tires will be considered between the floor and the ground.

Also, you need to purchase tires with a larger diameter than the ones you already have. The distance in inches between the floor of your automobile and the ground will grow if you get bigger tires.

Make sure to buy the full set of thicker or larger tires— Purchase more than one or two. Your car’s balance is totally out of whack since it has two sets of tires that are of different sizes. Moreover, the coordination and balance will be choppy, just like the traction on the road. Due to the unequal weight distribution caused by unbalanced tires, you risk destroying your steering gear.

  • Modify the suspension of your car

This is a fairly modern but extremely technical way of raising the floor level of your car or truck. If you did not know, the purpose of a suspension is to absorb most of the jolts and bumps. It does this through the use of shock absorbers, so the passengers inside the car can experience a smooth ride. The suspension sits on a system of springs. So, if you increase the height of the springs, you will increase the height of the ground clearance between the bottom of the car and the ground. 

Adjust the suspension and buy wider tires

You can attain the most ground-level clearance by combining these two techniques. Then, raise the height of the springs supporting your suspension. About two to three inches will be added as a result. After completing this, you should get bigger tires, which will also provide you with an additional two inches of space.

  • Have your vehicle’s body elevated

Many people who don’t engage in auto detailing and modification are unaware of the possibility of a full-body lift. A body lift, as the name suggests, occurs when the vehicle’s body frame is raised above where it was from the factory. The additional height will demonstrate that even the vehicle’s roof is higher. 

A body lift is accomplished by putting something known as spacers between a vehicle’s body and chassis. It won’t affect the suspension, and it’s a fantastic technique to employ in conjunction with getting bigger tires.

Your vehicle’s height can be readily increased by 4 to 6 inches with a body lift. Yet, the distance between the wheel rim and the tire will widen the higher the body is raised. Yet, a body lift is unquestionably the best option if you’re searching for a quick solution to significantly increase the height of your car.


These are the four techniques that anyone can use to raise their car’s floor level. Get a mechanic to execute a body lift or raise the suspension of your car if you lack the necessary skills.

Unless you have a mechanic friend helping you, changing your car’s suspension is not a process you should attempt on your own for the first time. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you might badly harm your car’s suspension. Each technique should increase your vehicle’s ground clearance by one to three inches.

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