Connect Phone to any car – Connecting a phone to your car’s sound system is an incredible method to tune in to music, book recordings, webcasts, talk without hands while driving, or even charge your gadget. There are a couple of approaches to achieve this yet the manner in which you make the association relies upon the abilities and particulars of your cell phone and vehicle sound system. Ensure you check what these are in your gadgets’ documentation so you settle on the best choice for your car.

How to connect a phone to a car stereo

1) Connecting with USB

Connecting with USB in a car
Connecting with USB in a car

If you have a new vehicle, it might really have USB incorporated into the sound system. This should work with most telephones and iPods, and really will permit you to get to the sound on the gadget through the local vehicle sound system interface. This is incredible on the grounds that much of the time it will permit you to keep your eyes out and about as opposed to dealing with a telephone while driving, which in numerous states is unlawful.

2) Connecting through Auxiliary cable

Connecting car through Auxiliary cable
Connecting car through Auxiliary cable

This has gotten standard in more up to date vehicle sound systems, permitting you to interface any gadget that can play sound to the sound system. This won’t permit control of the gadget through the vehicle sound system, yet is easy to do. Simply utilize a 1/8″ to 1/8″ helper link (accessible at RadioShack or any gadgets store) and associate it from your telephone’s earphone jack to the vehicle sound system’s aux input.

3) Interface with Bluetooth

connect phone Bluetooth to car
connect phone Bluetooth to car

A few vehicles accompany bluetooth incorporated into the sound system, and if your vehicle has it, look at the proprietor’s manual to discover how to match it with your telephone. Like the helper alternative, you won’t have control of the telephone through the sound system interface, yet it offers added accommodation. It’s remote, and will associate with the sound system consequently when you get in the vehicle. A ton of sound systems have implicit mics to deal with hands free calls too.

If the sound system doesn’t have bluetooth in it, there are additionally bluetooth vehicle units that will give you this usefulness. The Belkin Bluetooth Car Hands-Free Kit and GOgroove FlexSMART X2 are several incredible reasonable alternatives.

4) Cassette Adapter

Cassette Adapter
FM transmitters

This may sound ancient, however for older vehicle sound systems; this is an incredible method to coordinate your telephone.

5) FM transmitters

FM transmitters
FM transmitters

This is another approach to coordinate your telephone into a more seasoned sound system without an immediate method to associate. Mileage will fluctuate here since it relies upon if there are many radio stations in the area.

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