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How To Buy Car Spare Parts From Japan And Ship To Nigeria

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Japan is home to many of the top car manufacturing companies in the world. Talk about popular car brands like Toyota, Honda, Infiniti, Mazda, Acura, Lexus, and many more, you will find that their headquarters are in Japan. Nigeria is saturated with a lot of cars produced in Japan. With frequent use, cars become due for repair and maintenance; hence the need for spare parts.

A general rule of thumb is that the best place to get the right spare parts for a vehicle is straight from its manufacturers. Since Nigerians tend to have a penchant for Japanese car brands, then it only makes sense that the spare parts are bought from Japan. Buying spare parts from Japan is not so easy, you need to know what you are looking for and the right source to buy your spare parts. Not only that, but you also need to know how to get it shipped to Nigeria. If all these are your concerns about buying spare parts from Japan, worry no more, as we have got you covered in this article. Read on to find out how to buy spare parts from Japan and get them shipped to Nigeria.

First, let’s begin with the benefits of buying spare parts from Japan.

Benefits Of Buying Spare Parts From Japan

  1. Buying spare parts from Japan is the surest way to buy authentic, quality spare parts.
  2. When you buy from Japan, you can avoid going through middlemen like export freight services and the final auto parts dealer, thus you get your spare parts at a cheaper rate.
  3. Rare car parts you will hardly find in Nigeria can easily be gotten from Japan. This is because Japan is the country where most types of cars are manufactured and assembled.

What Kind Of Spare Parts Can You Buy From Japan

Once you have decided that Japan is the best place for you to buy your car parts, the next thing to understand before ordering a part is to know which type of spare parts you will buy without any hassle. There are some spare parts you won’t be able to buy because of custom-related issues and heavy shipping challenges. However, there are more spare parts you can easily buy and ship to Nigeria from Japan than the ones you can’t.

Below is a list of spare parts you can easily ship from Japan to Nigeria;

  • Nuts and bolts
  • Tuning chips
  • Electrical components
  • Plastic parts
  • Speciality fasteners
  • Glass and lights
  • Muffler
  • Shift
  • Interior panel
  • Meters
  • And many more

Spare Parts You Can’t Buy/ Ship From Japan To Nigeria

Most shipping companies will not accept to help you ship the following car parts if you buy them from Japan. Hence, it’s best not to buy them.

  • Engines (because of oil and gas usage)
  • Transmissions (because of lubricant usage)
  • Greased-related parts
  • Engines-related parts (pistons, cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, etc.)
  • Carburettor
  • The suspension (shock absorber, dumber)
  • Battery
  • Air conditioner condenser
  • Wheels with tires

How To Get The Spare Parts From Japan

Nobody likes it when they spend their hard-earned money to buy the wrong spare parts. And to think you are dealing with an international market, it can really hurt to make unnecessary mistakes. To get the right spare parts from Japan, take note of the following when making your order;

  • Read thoroughly item descriptions and customer reviews
  • check the parts’ numbers.
  • Pay attention to estimated shipping costs and duty taxes so as to know your entire budget.
  • Read as much as possible on everything related to your spare parts.
List of Car Spare Parts Dealers in Nigeria
List of Car Spare Parts Dealers in Nigeria

Finding The Right Company To Get Your Spare Parts

Buying from the right source is pertinent to getting quality spare parts in Japan, remember you are a Nigerian, not a Japanese. Hence, knowing the right people/sources to contact will ensure you get just the kind of spare parts you are looking for.

The best and safest place to get spare parts from Japan as a Nigerian is through proxy shopping and bidding service companies such as FROM JAPAN, ZenMarket, etc. These companies will help you bid and get the best deals possible on the spare parts you need. They also have vast experience in International exports, hence, they can help you with shipping as well as let you know the spare parts that can/can’t be shipped. They will also let you know the estimated cost of shipping, import taxes, and other necessary information you need to know about the spare parts you want. Usually, proxy shopping and bidding services will not ship any parts that have liquids or hazardous materials.

How To Ship Spare Parts From Japan To Nigeria

Product Research

As said earlier, it’s important you know the spare parts that can be shipped and those that can’t. To save you the risk of buying low-quality spare parts, you should engage the services of proxy shopping and bidding companies.

Evaluate The Importation Process In Nigeria

Every country has its rules and regulations concerning what can enter its border. Study the import regulations and find out what relevant documents are demanded of importers. The easiest way to get sufficient and accurate information about the Nigerian importation process is to visit the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) website or to get in touch with a reputable shipping agent or company.

Secure A Reliable Shipping Agency

A reliable shipping agency is good for the safe shipping of your spare parts from Japan to Nigeria. Once you find a reliable one, initiate contact to find out the following:

  • Price per unit
  • Factory of origin
  • Customs fee
  • Transportation and logistical costs
  • Discounts (if any)

If you are comfortable with the terms on offer, demand the sales contract, which will include the Name and address of the manufacturer, business license number, Seller’s name, and address, product specification, and every other vital information required.

Pick A Preferable Shipping Method

Depending on how far your pocket is, you can choose to ship your product by air freight or ocean freight. Usually, air freight is pricey, so you need to be calculative and check your budget.

Also, spare parts shipped through air freight will get delivered in less time. It’s necessary you bear in mind that import duty is part of the levy you need to pay for shipping products in Nigeria from any part of the world.

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