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How to become an Uber driver: What you need to know

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Uber driving is now a trustworthy way for commercial drivers to support themselves, not only in Nigeria but across the world. Since its inception, Uber has been able to garner 3.9 million employed drivers in over 63 million countries, completing no less than 14 million trips every day. We have to say that they are in a league of their own, irrespective of competitors. In the Nigerian scene, Uber didn’t have the popularity it has achieved now.

What is the reason for this popularity and usage? Well, not only is Uber driving a way to make easy and quick cash, but it also helps commuters reach their destinations with just the tap of their fingers. Recently, Uber driving has become a go-to profession, even competing with white-collar jobs. Not only does Uber deliver with an easy and high income, but it is also stress-free on both the driver and rider end. Through the online request method, there is no need for them both to leave their comfort zone.

You might have noticed the lucrative nature of Uber driving and would like to start, but you don’t have an idea how to go about it, or you don’t know what is needed for one to become a driver. Well, we have composed all the necessary information you need on how to go about becoming an Uber driver

Before you start any job, you will have to consider some aspects. For Uber driving, there would be a need for a car. It might be your personal car, or the car is on hire purchase, or you got one on a car loan. Even Uber lets their drivers rent cars from their partners, so you can decide what suits you best. But a car is very important and cannot be compromised. Another thing to take note of is that Uber is only available in eight cities in Nigeria: Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Port-Harcourt, Benin City, Enugu, Warri, and Ibadan. Before you begin, make sure you are a resident of one of these cities.

Then, decide whether it will be a part-time or full-time job, what location you would mostly drive to, how much income you expect weekly or monthly, if you are on hire, for example, how much will you be remitting, how will you handle the car maintenance, what time would you close, and how close you would be to hotels, restaurants, malls, and so on. You would have to consider all these facts and other things personal to you. Planning is very essential and it must be done before you can get into the nitty gritty of Uber driving. Once you have decided to go into the occupation, you will need to know the following things and requirements to become a registered Uber driver. 

What Are the Requirements to Become an Uber Driver? 

For a person to qualify and register to become an Uber driver, he must meet the following requirements: 

  • Age Considerations: 

All prospective drivers are required to be at least 21 years old.

  • Personal Documentation

You will need to have some personal documents available for you to be able to upload and register as an Uber driver on the app. Without any of these documents, you won’t be able to qualify as an Uber driver. Some of these documents vary from state to state, but what is listed is acceptable in general:

  • valid driver’s license
  • An authentic and valid vehicle inspection report. 

Insurance is required.

You must have valid car insurance (mostly third-party insurance: to protect others in case of an accident). The insurance must be valid and authentic. This means all documents assigned to that insurance must include your personal and car details (inclusive of your car registration number, your name and other required information) and must be acquired with respect to Uber driving, not other coverage. You cannot use another person’s insurance as your own. While uploading, it is necessary to take note of this. If not, your application may not be approved. 

A certificate of roadworthiness is also required

This is necessary to ensure your vehicle meets some requirements set by the state to make it road worthy. This can be obtained from an FRSC (Federal Road Safety Commission) Licensing and Testing Centre. A Google search will help you find one that is nearest to your location.

Valid Auto-hackney License and LASRI (LAGOS State Drivers Institute Card) 

This is mostly required in Lagos State. An auto-hackney permit is one that allows vehicles below a certain weight grade to carry a certain load. It is issued by the State Monitoring Licensing Authority. It costs between three thousand and five thousand naira. 

A Clear Passport Photograph

This is needed so that riders can easily identify their drivers and it is put on the driver’s profile. 

Vehicle Requirement

The vehicle which you wish to use for Uber driving will be inspected once you have submitted the application on the Uber app. You must take into account what is required: 

Your chosen vehicle must be in the good physical condition and be trouble-free. This is very important. The exterior must also be well maintained for any bumps or major scratches to the paint job. It is advisable that you take your car for a mechanical inspection before anything. 

The classification of the vehicle is 

crucial, and it must have four doors. 

The vehicle should be equipped with a functional air conditioning system. 

For Uber to operate, a vehicle must have a functional radio. 

The vehicle must have insurance before it may be used as an Uber vehicle on the road. 

Sign Up On The Uber Online Portal 

After your documents are ready and well-prepared. You can sign up as a driver on the Uber website, where the documents you preserved will be uploaded. You would require either a smartphone or laptop with an internet connection to access the website through a browser. This is a very easy process, and there are online prompts that make it faster for you to register. After registration, the next step is the screening and onboarding procedure. It is essential that you upload all the required documents and register as a driver on the Uber website. The screening and onboarding process is a safety precaution taken by the Uber company so as to ensure their drivers are adequately trained and informed. This process will include training on how to use the Uber mobile app, general knowledge and background of the locations within the city you registered, general aptitude tests, and other health-related checks that they see as necessary.

Uber Smartphone And Vehicle Inspection

A prospective Uber driver must have his vehicle inspected and approved by Uber or one of their partners’ inspection centres. This is done in addition to a fee paid to them. It is advised that you ensure your car has been well maintained so as to pass this inspection. Some of these partner services include Car45 and Femco. Another bonus is that you may be issued an Uber cellphone so as to track your requests and rides. It is not compulsory for you to accept it. But, the option is made available to you. 

Background Check

After all, this process has been carried out. The next step is to wait. Waiting for background checks is the first step in becoming an Uber driver. Regularly, it takes the business three weeks to a month to complete the individual verifications.

You will have to go through a Comprehensive Criminal Background Check, also, in case you have been involved in an accident, to cross-examine the personal information you uploaded. These checks will all assist the driving firm to determine whether you have a spotless driving record and are qualified to work there.

If your application has satisfied the company, you will be approved to become an Uber driver. Nothing else is needed. You will be well on your way to starting to make your income. The process is a long one, so you have to make sure you are duly prepared and have all these documents available to you. To sign up to the Uber website, you can access more information. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Uber collect per ride?

According to the Uber website, the company has a twenty-five per cent (25%) commission on both cash and card rides. So, for example, if a driver completes a ride for two thousand naira (N2,000), the commission that goes to Uber would be five hundred naira (N500).

Does Uber rent cars to its drivers?

Yes, they do. This is usually done with their partner firms. But, the prospective driver will have to meet some criteria like having a valid driver’s license, meeting the age requirement (21 years of age), and completing the Uber screening exercise.

Where can I buy a car for Uber driving?

You can get your brand-new and second-hand cars for Uber driving at Carmart. We are an automobile trading platform with a large selection of cars. You can scroll through our website to see the available selections or reach us via our other platforms.

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