Bolt is a ride-hailing service-providing company that has revolutionized the transport business in Nigeria. It is arguably one of the best in providing comfortable rides to customers in classic cars. Right from the comfort of your home, you can book a ride with Bolt just by using the app on your smartphone.

Becoming a driver in Nigeria

Bolt drivers must meet certain requirements to become a driver:

Register your profile:

  • Go to driver sign up page to register
  • If you have three or more vehicles, you can register as a fleet owner 
  • Once you have completed your registration and your documents have been verified, you will receive an invitation by email to attend an onboarding session.

Go for vehicle inspection:

Get activated:

  • Come for an onboarding session Monday – Friday in Abuja (09:00 and 15:00) and Lagos : Monday – Saturday (09:00 and 16:00):
    • Abuja: 3rd Floor Kojo Motors Building, Mabushi, Abuja
    • Lagos: Plot 118, Block 25, Salem Street (Off Kusenla Road or Off Palm Springs Road), Lekki, Lagos
  • Come for an onboarding session Monday – Friday at 10:00 and 13:00 in Benin CityIbadan and Owerri and Abeokuta, Enugu, and Port-Harcourt  Monday – Friday at 9:00 and 17:00:
    • Abeokuta:  Asiwaju Kitchen, opposite St. Peter’s Cathedral, Ake Roundabout
    • Benin City: Ehanire House, 34 Akpakpava Road Benin City, Benin
    • Calabar: The LiftHub Complex, 6A Housing Estate Road, Calabar
    • Enugu: Genesys Tech Hub, Centenary City, along PH expressway, Enugu
    • Ibadan: Archbishop Ayo Ladigbolu House, 1 College Crescent, by St. Annes Church, Molete-Challenge Road, Ibadan
    • Kano: Di-Hub, No 3 Sabo Bakin Zuwo Road, Kano
    • Owerri: No. B49/B66 L’Arcade Mall, 14C Okohia Layout, World Bank Area L, New Owerri, Imo State
    • Port-Harcourt:  KoWork NG, F6, Sani Abacha Road, G.R.A, Port Harcourt
    • Uyo: 235, Oron Road (Before Shelter Afrique), Uyo.
  • Bring the following required documents with you:
    • Vehicle licence
    • Valid Nigerian drivers license
    • Insurance Certificate
    • Proof of Ownership
    • Certificate of Road-Worthiness
    • Valid AutoGenius Inspection Report.

Get Verified:

  • Go to Bolt Youverify identity verification portal
  • Click Request verification button to request verification
  • Provide your email, phone number, and location to begin the process
  • You can contact us during office hours at 08039012019 for more inquiries.


  • You can watch the Bolt sign-up walkthrough video above to get a full overview of the registration process
  • You can also contact Bolt on WhatsApp to help you with information regarding your activation
  • If you do not complete verification within 3 weeks, your account may be put on hold
  • The platform only caters for driver sign-ups, therefore, drivers should also provide the vehicle owner’s details (name, phone number, email address and banking details) to avoid cases of car use without the car owner’s permission.

Vehicle Requirements For Bolt

Bolt won’t just accept any vehicle to be used for ride-hailing, as they take pride in customers’ satisfaction, comfort and safety. For your vehicle to be accepted by Bolt, ensure it meets this vehicle requirement:

Basic Vehicle Requirements

  • Vehicle license
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Proof of Ownership
  • Certificate of Road-Worthiness
  • Minimum of 4 door
  • Excellent working condition
  • AutoGenius Vehicle Inspection Report
  • Additional Documents for Lagos: State Hackney Permit and a Vehicle Body Tag for all route

Generally, your vehicle should be a 4-doors sedan or SUV from 2003 & Minivan from 2004. Also, the vehicle must be fully functional and fitted with AC. 

Accepted vehicles for Lite (Lagos only)

  • The model year is between 2002 and 2004
  • Your vehicle is a 4-door sedan or SUV
  • Your vehicle is in good condition
  • Your vehicle can seat at least 4 passengers

Accepted vehicles for Bolt

  • Your vehicle is no older than 14 years
  • Your vehicle is a 4-door sedan or SUV
  • Your vehicle is in good condition
  • Your vehicle can seat at least 4 passengers

 Accepted vehicles for Comfort (Abuja only)

  • Your vehicle is no older than 10 years
  • Your vehicle is a 4-door sedan or SUV
  • Your vehicle is in good condition
  • Your vehicle can seat at least 4 passengers

Accepted vehicles for XL (Lagos only)

  • Your vehicle is no older than 15 years
  • Your vehicle is an SUV or minivan
  • Your vehicle is in good condition
  • Your vehicle can seat at least 6 passengers

How Much Can You Earn From Bolt Business

The national minimum wage in Nigeria is ₦35,000. Top drivers in Bolt can earn as high as about ₦300,000 per month. However, different factors determine how much a driver can earn per month. For instance, a Bolt driver in busy areas of Lagos may earn more than another Bolt driver in Ogun state.

Bolt charges a flat commission of 20% on every trip across Nigeria. Performance and efficiency predominantly affect a driver’s earnings in Bolt. Other factors that affect Bolt driver’s earnings include;

LOCATION: As mentioned earlier, location plays a big role in determining how much bolt drivers earn. Bolt drivers who earn big are usually strategically located in busy areas like airports, shopping malls, hotels, bus stations etc where demand will be high.  

SURGE: A surge happens when the demand for bolt drivers rises more than usual. At times like this, any available Bolt driver earns more. The top drivers increase earnings by driving in the morning and evening rush hours.

BONUSES: Bolt offers certain bonuses that can increase the earnings of drivers. For instance, a Bolt driver earns extra money by meeting certain conditions such as the number of trips made during a certain period, the number of hours online, or the average rating. Drivers are usually notified of these bonuses via the bolt app or emails.

TIPS: Some riders are benevolent and tend to give Bolt drivers extra tips for the great service offered. This is where your efficiency as a bolt driver can help you increase your earnings.

RATING: Rating is simply customer feedback on your driving experience. Bolt users have the privilege of rating bolt drivers from 1-5 stars. A driver with a high rating stands a chance of getting bonuses from Bolt which in turn increases earnings. Conversely, a driver with perpetual low ratings stands the risk of losing their driving privileges with Bolt.

Generally, taking into consideration all the factors stated above, broadly speaking, top drivers in Lagos, could make ₦350,000 at the end of the month while drivers in Abuja, can make ₦280,000.

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