How to Avoid Buying a stolen car in Nigeria

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If there is anything you should know, it should be how to avoid buying a stolen car in Nigeria. Nigeria is known to be a ‘scam’ nation. In this case, buying stolen products like cars is very possible. Imagine being on the road with a fresh-looking 2014 Camry model, and then the Nigerian Police stops you on the road. What do you think will happen next? In case you don’t know, they’ll first attempt to verify the legality status of your car. What if they link your car to a theft incident? Dear reader, you won’t escape the problem. As it is, this means that you must know how to avoid buying a stolen car in Nigeria.

My reason for making this article is to help you from running into trouble.

I could have written on something else, but I feel you should know how to avoid buying a stolen car in Nigeria.

Before I move to a new section on how to avoid buying a stolen car in Nigeria, let me tell you something. In 2011, I happily acquired my first Toyota car. I was very happy, at least as an achievement, that I was a car owner in Nigeria. I couldn’t believe that I purchased a stolen well-packaged vehicle. The one that was even impounded once.

I spent a lot and lost the car.

Man, I will be showing you how to avoid buying a stolen car in Nigeria because the situations can be ugly.

Simple Guide to Car Purchase

I would have just started with giving a lead on what to do but ‘no’. The number of those involved weekly in owning stolen vehicles is too high. Beyond showing you how to avoid buying a stolen car in Nigeria, feed on this.

What To Consider Before Getting Your First Car

Before you buy a new car;

1. Be Calm

The problem of having a car in Nigeria is not at all a problem. The main problem is buying under obsession and buying a stolen one.

My piece of advice to those of us planning to buy a car is that they should be very calm.

2. Act Like a Pro Car Buyer before the Vendor

It’s either your body language takes charge or you go through someone you trust. However, on this sub-tip of how to avoid buying a stolen car in Nigeria, don’t look stupid. Do you want to add any more thing? If you want, I’ll add, ‘don’t look stupid’.

3. Avoid Buying Car Look

This is even the trap-point for nailing innocent buyers. As a Nigerian, I can certainly say that you love something nice. But, the problem is when you allow ‘something nice’ to blind your sense of purchase.

It is the look of cars that most Nigerians fall for and this is wrong. For me, the more legit that car – fairly used or new, looks, the more careful I’ll be.

I don’t think there is any more guide I should add here for you. This is the guide I’ve been relying on every time I have to get a car, even fairly used.

How to Avoid Buying a Stolen Car in Nigeria

We’ve finally entered the main thing! I’ll show you what I have been doing even for the people I assist in buying used and legit cars.

Knowing how to avoid buying a stolen car in Nigeria is a big problem. Should anyone tell you that, please avoid the conversation.

Enough of stories on how to avoid buying a stolen car in Nigeria. I’ll show you two different ways on how to avoid these stolen cars. The first guide will be on how to avoid buying stolen cars in Nigeria. The second will be on foreign cars coming into Nigeria. Here is how to go about it smoothly without facing unnecessary difficulties.

How To Buy And Sell Cars On Carmart Nigeria – For Free

How to Avoid Buying Stolen Cars in Nigeria

If you plan enjoying the car you buy newly in Nigeria, this is for you. I do not want you to be a victim to any bizarre circumstance.

If you end up buying what is not legit, please don’t cry. Because, if you follow this lead, trust me, you won’t at all be a victim of stolen cars in Nigeria.

Request for Customs Original Document

Do I need to include ‘original’? Of course not. This is the mistake that you are likely to make, accepting fake customs documents. If you don’t know how the original of these documents look like, you could inquire from custom offices near you.

It’s better to ask than to mutedly obtain fake documents that may land you in jail. And you know, jails in Nigeria aren’t what you should wish for yourself.

Request for Authentic Vehicle Documents

Apart from customs documents, there are many more vital documents to aid you on this course. Need I mention them? In fact, if you do not know the kinds of papers that should accomplish a vehicle, then find out first. After all, it’s for your own safety and avoidance of problems with certain agencies in Nigeria.

Verify the Names Printed on Each Document

If after verification, you find non-corresponding names, flee! This alone is a warning that the car is stolen. Would you even know when a car is stolen? Of course not. Thieves are so damn good at packaging, so you require your sixth sense. my Endeavour that each and every name, company, individual, seller, etc. matches. If there is ‘comma’ as Nigerians often say, please withdraw from the deal.

In some cases, the seller might give excuses of missing documents. In this case, request for purchase receipt from original vendor.

Use the FRSC Database

FRSC has in provision, web-based fields that can help check the authenticity of vehicles. Wait, are you waiting for me to say ‘visit the site’? Anyways, I won’t say, but I recommend you do the right thing.

Have a Photo of You and the Seller

Funny but necessary!

Stop questioning ‘how?’ because I won’t answer you. A photo, should things go wrong, will make it easier for the seller to be identified. In fact, the fact that you have a photo of him might scare him into not selling it to you again. You might hear something like, ‘oh, the first buyer is here, please, let’s close the deal’. Be happy – very happy, because a problem just left your court.

Do Not Accept Photocopies

Trust me, when the Nigerian Police net you, the language of ‘photocopy’ won’t even come in. The only way to conform and conflict with their assumptions is to present ‘original’ copies of every document. So you see, if you are not careful about collecting photocopies, you’ll be harming your comfort. Even at that, do everything possible to ascertain that the so called ‘original’ if actually genuine. If it will cost you taking them to the appropriate agencies for confirmations, please do. It’s for your good.

How to Avoid Buying a Foreign, Fairly but Stolen Car in Nigeria

It can be quite a harsh scenario if you’re arrested with a stolen car of this calibre. It’s one of the reasons why I’m showing you how to avoid buying a stolen car in Nigeria. However, getting caught with a stolen foreign car doesn’t happen often. This is because the car has crossed its mother base. But this doesn’t immune you as the buyer from being dealt with when caught.

On the other hand, I do not recommend driving round a foreign car, if its source isn’t genuine.

Let’s see the things I do to avoid buying stolen cars in Nigeria. You’re free to do the same thing because stolen cars aren’t problem-free.

1. Request for Custom Papers

This should always be the first thing. In fact, if you carefully practice these processes, you could become an expert like me in buying cars for people.

Please, be careful with the papers a seller issues you with. Fake papers can be made to look original if You do not know. Also, perform VIN checks on the car, it’s one way to check if it’s stolen.

2. Consider Buying from an Authorized Car Dealer

If you have difficulties trusting private individuals, walk down to a car shop (authorized). Here, you don’t have much to worry about, even though you still have to be watchful.

3. Try to Spot Fresh Paintings on the Car

If stolen car dealers think that they are wise, show them you’re wiser. The moment you start assessing the entire car, fear will grip a guilty seller. This is why I stated in the preferred purchase guide list that you have to look like a pro.

4. Confirm the Overall Looks

Sometimes, there are certain marks left on stolen cars. The thieves may often times not notice much of them. It’s now your responsibility to become a detector and figure these things out. Try not to be gullible no matter what or how things pan out.

Ultimately, you can be rest assured that you won’t buy a stolen car if you adhere to this guide. I’m also glad for myself that I’ve shown you how to avoid buying stolen cars in Nigeria. I no longer want to hear those ‘stolen cars” stories. Don’t be a stolen car dealer, and don’t be a stolen car seller. Be smart, if for nothing but for the mere fact that you’re a Nigerian. Here’s a country filled with smart citizens, so become one.

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