How to Avoid Buying a Foreign, Fairly but Stolen Car in Nigeria

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Avoid buying stolen cars – It can be quite a harsh scenario if you’re arrested with a stolen car of this calibre. It’s one of the reasons why I’m showing you how to avoid buying a stolen car in Nigeria. However, getting caught with a stolen foreign car doesn’t happen often. This is because the car has crossed its mother base. But this doesn’t immune you as the buyer from being dealt with when caught.

On the other hand, I do not recommend driving around in a foreign car, if its source isn’t genuine.

Let’s see the things I do to avoid buying stolen cars in Nigeria. You’re free to do the same thing because stolen cars aren’t problem-free.

1. Request for Custom Papers

This should always be the first thing. In fact, if you carefully practice these processes, you could become an expert like me in buying cars for people.

Please, be careful with the papers a seller issues you with. Fake papers can be made to look original if You do not know. Also, perform VIN checks on the car, it’s one way to check if it’s stolen.

2. Consider Buying from an Authorized Car Dealer

If you have difficulties trusting private individuals, walk down to a car shop (authorized). Here, you don’t have much to worry about, even though you still have to be watchful.

3. Try to Spot Fresh Paintings on the Car

If stolen car dealers think that they are wise, show them you’re wiser. The moment you start assessing the entire car, fear will grip a guilty seller. This is why I stated in the preferred purchase guide list that you have to look like a pro.

4. Confirm the Overall Looks

Sometimes, there are certain marks left on stolen cars. The thieves may oftentimes not notice much of them. It’s now your responsibility to become a detector and figure these things out. Try not to be gullible no matter what or how things pan out.

Ultimately, you can rest assured that you won’t buy a stolen car if you adhere to this guide. I’m also glad for myself that I’ve shown you how to avoid buying stolen cars in Nigeria. I no longer want to hear those ‘stolen cars” stories. Don’t be a stolen car dealer, and don’t be a stolen car seller. Be smart, if for nothing but for the mere fact that you’re a Nigerian. Here’s a country filled with smart citizens, so become one.

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