An essential component of your car’s fuel system is the fuel filter. Without a fuel filter, a lot of impurities, trash, and undesired particles would enter the engine, causing corrosion and damage that would cost thousands of naira to fix. So make sure you change the filter frequently to keep your engine clean and functioning properly. What you need to know about replacing your fuel filter is provided here.

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What happens if your fuel filter isn’t changed? The fuel filter won’t be able to catch all of the trash, particles, and pollutants that enter your fuel tank when you fill up your car with fuel if you don’t change it. Your car’s gasoline pump and the engine will clog up and get coated in impurities as a result.

A dirty engine will have a lot of problems, and if the damage is severe enough, it might need to be completely replaced.

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Problems When You Don’t Change Your Fuel Filter 

  • Your car won’t start at all; unclean fuel requires frequent filter cleaning. You risk having fuel filters that are so clogged with impurities if you don’t maintain them clean or replace them frequently. The filters won’t have enough space due to the clogging to allow fuel to reach the engine. Your automobile will become an expensive lawn ornament if the engine doesn’t run because not enough gasoline will burn in the combustion chamber.
  • A clogged fuel pump prevents your car from receiving the proper amount of power, which is why your car struggles to climb slopes and inclines without stalling or needing extra power.
  • A loud screeching sound is never a nice sound, especially if it originates from your engine. It’s time to visit your technician if you hear this kind of noise coming from underneath the hood. They will be able to identify the issue using the diagnostic equipment in your automobile.
  • When your car is running, it starts to smell strongly of burned fuel. A fuel filter without enough corrosive contamination may corrode and allow fuel to leak out of the filter chamber. It is a negative sign if your car smells like gasoline; it should never do so.

How frequently should a fuel filter be changed?

Every two years, the average car owner replaces or cleans their fuel filter. But the number of miles the car has on it determines how long it can go before needing a new fuel filter. Your fuel filter needs to be changed annually if you drive between 20,000 and 30,000 miles each year.

However, some cars and trucks have high-quality fuel filters, which can last for over 60,000 miles before needing to be replaced. Fuel filters on hybrid vehicles may never need to be replaced. You may always read your vehicle’s manual to find out the precise mileage at which a fuel filter change is advised but if you have a tokunbo car you might want to stick with the advice above. 

What is the price of replacing a fuel filter?

The typical cost to replace your fuel filter with a new filter is astronomically low. Most fuel filters cost between N7,000 and N20,000. It all depends on the vehicle’s manufacturer and model. It’s pretty astounding how such a cheap device can keep your engine running smoothly for years while preventing damage that may cost thousands of naira.

The average cost of a fuel filter cleaning or replacement can range from N6000 if you need to have your fuel filters changed by a mechanic. The majority of owners totally change their fuel filters because it is not cost-effective to have them cleaned alone. If you know how to change your own fuel filter, you only need to purchase the component.

What Happens When You Replace Fuel Filters 

As a result, your mechanic has now changed your fuel filter and cleared any debris that may have clogged your engine. As effortlessly as the day you got it, your car ought to drive. That is unless other components of your car’s engine are now acting improperly because you put off changing the filters for too long. These are a few issues that could arise as a result of replacing the gasoline filters.

  • Misfires

When an engine misfires, it’s because one of the cylinders inside the engine that generates power isn’t getting enough gasoline to do so. This indicates that the fuel pressure is not high enough, which could indicate that the fuel filter was not installed properly or that extra debris has to be cleared away.

  • The incorrect filter was put in by the mechanic

Any fuel filter won’t work in the engine of a truck or car. Particularly if you drive a car from a different country, there must be a certain make and model for various companies. Check to determine if you or the mechanic unintentionally selected the incorrect fuel if you discover that your issues have persisted or gotten worse.

  • Even after repeated attempts, the car still won’t start when it is ignited.

People should change the fuel filter if their car won’t start or if it takes numerous ignitions for it to really run. But if this problem still exists after you have made the necessary changes, it suggests that there is a problem with the fuel chamber’s pressure. Fuel is not reaching the engine when there is insufficient fuel pressure. So, if the fuel filters are clean and properly placed, the fuel injectors are the source of the issue. They can be clogged by all the particles that the filters failed to remove.

Replacing your fuel filter is something you need to do if you haven’t yet, it might just be the cause of the unnecessary trips to the mechanic so you need to get it checked right away. 

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