Another travel location many will be trooping to this December is Port Harcourt city. Port Harcourt is a bust town with a lot to show for it. However, it’s also home to many Nigerians who hail from Rivers State, and many of them will be making that December trip from Lagos back home.

While there is an airport in Lagos, not everyone can afford to spend that much travelling by air. Bus transportation is cheaper, and while travelling this season, the best way to do that by road is with a private car or a reputable public transport company.

Here are some of the reputable bus companies that travel from Lagos to Port Harcourt and their prices.

Bus Companies & Their Transport Fare From Lagos To Port Harcourt

Bus CompanyLagos To Port Harcourt Price List
God Is Good ₦‎14,000 – ₦‎16,800
Peace Mass Transit₦‎11,250
GUO Transport ₦‎15,200
Young Shall Grow Transport ₦‎12,000 – ₦‎14,000
Ifesinachi Transport Ltd.₦‎13,000 – ₦‎15,000
ABC Transport₦‎12,000 – ₦‎13,100

Cost Of Transport From Lagos To Port Harcourt

On average, the transportation cost from Lagos to Port Harcourt is between ₦‎12,000 and ₦‎15,000.  However, the price increases depending on the company you are using and the location in Lagos you are travelling from.

Travel Routes Description

By road, it takes about 9 hours and 51 minutes to travel from Lagos to Port Harcourt following the Benin-Sagamu expressway. However, the hours can extend depending on the route, traffic, and other road stops.

Travelling FromLagos, Lagos State
Departure TerminalJibowu, Lagos
Arrival TerminalAba Road By Bori Camp
Geo-Location of Origin
Geo-Location of Destination
State FromLagos State
State ToRivers State
City FromLagos
City ToPort Harcourt
AC Bus Transport Fare₦‎15,000
Normal Bus Fare₦‎12,000
AC Bus Fuel Quantity135
Normal Bus Fuel Quantity120
Estimated Distance606.9  km
Estimated Duration411 minutes

How To Choose A Bus From Lagos To Port Harcourt: Helpful Guide

Travelling from Lagos to Port Harcourt is roughly 10 hours of transport, excluding road traffic. That’s a long time to spend sitting in one position until you reach your destination. But, there are helpful things to do while choosing a bus that makes the 10 hours journey bearable. Here are some of them.

  1. Be Aware Of The Driver

Before entering a bus, make sure you’ve vetted the driver. This is especially true if you are travelling with a non-registered transport company. Select a driver who feels reliable and avoids the possibility of experiencing challenges with them on the road.

  1. Use A Convenient Bus

7 hours is a long time to stay cramped up in a tiny bus space. Always go for a bus that has enough leg and headroom. It adds a little be of extra comfort and makes the journey bearable. Also, pay due attention to the seating arrangement of the bus.

  1. The Traveling Route

Safety is key while travelling on the road, especially with heightened insecurity in the country. Travel with a reputable bus company that follows all the recommended routes for safety.

  1. Know Your Budget

Set a budget for travel and go for transport companies that meet that budget. However, the budget should not be the sole reason you end up following an unsafe bus. If you can, increase your budget if it’s necessary.

  1. The Proximity To Destination

Each bus company has its bus stop in Warri. So, ensure the one you choose is close enough to your location. This way, you don’t have to pay extra money to get to your location.


What makes travelling by road bearable is that you observe all the essential guides, especially when choosing a bus. That reduces the stress of being on the road for hours.

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