How Much Is Transportation From Lagos To Owerri By Road? Distance, Map & Online Booking

How Much Is Transportation From Lagos To Owerri By Road
How Much Is Transportation From Lagos To Owerri By Road

It’s about that time of the year again when many people plan their travel. One of the most travelled-to destinations during this time is Lagos to the East. December is already around the corner, and in all certainty, many people will be returning home for several reasons. 

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One major Lagos to the East travel location will be the Lagos to Owerri route. It’s one of the highly travelled routes once the festive season hits. With the season comes an increase in prices and fuel scarcity, and the depreciating Naira isn’t helping matters. 

However, knowing these prices will help you make hay while the sun shines. You can start booking your tickets before the prices increase due to high demand.

Road Or Air To Owerri: Which One Is Better?

All year, many people in Lagos have been fed a lot of information about the height of insecurity in the East. For most people, it’s still not enough reason to miss the festivities in the East this December. The contemplation for many now is whether to travel by air or road.

Well, certain factors come into play there. The cost of airplane tickets is the major factor. Airplane transportation is the best and safest. However, few can afford to fly to Owerri from Lagos this December.

Travelling by road is still an okay option if you cannot afford plane tickets. However, follow these travelling tips to ensure security and safety on the road.

Bus Companies And Their Transport Fare From Lagos To Owerri

Bus CompanyOwerri Price List
God Is Good Motors₦‎13,400 – ₦‎18,400
ABC Transport₦‎12,550 – ₦‎10,500
Peace Mass Transit₦‎9,000 – ₦‎10,800
GUO Transport₦‎11,500 – ₦‎18,050
Young Shall Grow Motors Ltd.₦‎9,050
Okeyson Motors₦‎9,000 – ₦‎10,000
Ekeson Motors₦‎11,000
Chisco Transport Company₦‎12,000
Cross Country Motors₦‎9,500
Ifesinachi Transport Ltd.₦‎10,000 – ₦‎12,000

Travel Routes Description

A trip from Lagos to Owerri is 0.534 Km long and typically takes about 8.009 minutes.
The transport fare for Lagos, Ojota => Owerri start from ₦8,000 to ₦‎18,400.

Cost of Lagos to Owerri Buses

A bus ticket from Lagos to Owerri costs an average of ₦8,000 to ₦‎18,400 depending on the transport company and the category/ type of bus used for the journey. This is subject to change by the specific transport company.

NameLagos, Ojota => Owerri, Orji
Travelling FromLagos, Lagos State
Travelling ToOwerri, Imo State
Arrival TerminalOwerri, Orji
Geo-Location of Origin
Geo-Location of Destination
State FromLagos State, Nigeria
State ToImo State, Nigeria
City FromLagos
City ToOwerri
AC Bus Transport Fare8,000
Normal Bus Transport Fare7,500
AC Bus Fuel Quantity125
Normal Bus Fuel Quantity115
Estimated Distance534 Km
Estimated Duration480.54 minutes
PMT Online Bookingtrue
Is Availabletrue

Travel Tips

  1. A seat right beside the window would be perfect if you can get it. They are usually the first seats to go. If you would like a window seat it is advisable to get to the bus park early.
  2. Prepare for weather changes by carrying a big scarf or a sweater.
  3. Expect stretches of bumpy roads, so keep a packet of Panadol in your bag for a resulting headache.
  4. You may sleep your way through most of the trip, it’ll seem faster that way.
  5. Keep your carry-on bag close to you at all times.
  6. Read signposts to get your bearings. If you need advice or help when you get to your stop, ask the driver or other passengers for help.
  7. Make sure you keep someone at home or at your destination abreast of your progress via text or phone call.


The prices of the bus tickets depend on the Lagos location you are booking from. Lagos (Ajah) prices will always be higher than when booking on the mainland. Also, take note of transportation companies that don’t allow booking in advance. When you experience this issue online, visit their physical office. It’s possible to book in advance at the physical office.

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