Let’s walk you through the process of renewing your driver’s license in a step-by-step manner. You’ll also learn about the various costs involved in doing so. The Federal Road Safety Commission was established in 1988 to ensure that all drivers are protected from accidents. This agency is responsible for the enforcement of the country’s road safety policies.

In response to the increasing number of people who needed a license to drive legally in the country, the government started issuing them to all car and vehicle owners. This legal document is a requirement that every driver in the country must have. Similar to passports, driver’s licenses are also issued in other countries. These allow citizens, non-citizens, and visitors to legally drive on the roads.

General Frequently Asked Questions about Nigeria Driver's Licence - Know this before applying.
General Frequently Asked Questions about Nigeria Driver’s Licence 

Your valid Nigerian driver’s license can allow you to drive anywhere in the country without fear of being subjected to harassment by the Road Safety Corps. In 2012, the agency introduced a type of license that requires commercial truck drivers to pass a medical test and obtain a certification before they can be allowed to operate.

In 2016, the government allowed the license to be renewed for two years instead of three. This was because the previous limit was not enough time for people to get certified. In order to get a valid driver’s license in Nigeria, you must be at least 18 years old and have taken driving lessons in a reputable school.

Through the use of the online registration and renewal process, the government made it easier for people to renew their licenses.

Renewing Your Drivers License: Step-by-step Guide

  • Visit the FRSC renewal portal’s official website, https://nigeriadriverslicence.frsc.gov.ng.
  • Click the “Drivers License Renewal” button and a form will appear, on which you will be prompted to provide your date of birth and you’re previously utilized and your expired driver’s license number. After you have correctly completed the form, you will be able to access and complete the whole application.
  • Ensure you pay for the license using an online payment system or any bank identified to you.
  • After you’ve paid, make a copy of your receipts and submit the application form with them to the driver’s license centre (DLC or VIO for endorsement).
  • Then you can visit the Federal Road Safety Corps Office for Biometric Data Capturing to have your information and biometrics recorded.
  • You will be given a 60-day temporary driver’s license before you would be sent an SMS when the permanent one is ready for collection.

Apply for renewal

The holder of a valid licence may apply for and obtain a renewal of the licence at any time from 30 days before the expiry date of the licence.
Applicants apply and complete the form online, make payment, confirm payment at Board or Internal Revenue, proceed to VIO for a test and visit FRSC Drivers Licence Centre for Biometric Capture.

Cost Of Renewing Your Drivers Licence

The cost of renewing a driver’s license in Nigeria is usually around ₦12,000 for a three-year period and ₦15,000 for a five-year term. Before the changes, the fees were around ₦6,350 and ₦10,450 for three and five years, respectively.

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    Now is not 15,000 for 5 years is 19,000. Because I did it last week.

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