“How I Drive With My FEET ” Moment A Woman show how she Drives with Only Legs

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One video that has been circulating the internet since the weekend is the video of a black American woman who drives with her car. Many who have been watching the video are in awe of the woman as they usher her with praises.

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Woman driving with her legs
Woman driving with her legs

The woman shares the video of her starting and driving her car with her legs while someone sitting on the passenfger’s seat made videos of the entire process.

The woman who sadly lost both hands, yet she does not let that define her. She uses her leg to start, control, reverse, drive and park the car without any hitches.

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Since posting, this video has gotten over 78k+ views on TikTok and is still counting. Aside from this video of her driving and controlling her car with her legs, she also shares various videos of her doing other activities with the help of her legs.


How I Drive With My FEET?😱😱😱

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Admittedly, learning how to do things (especially driving) with her legs must have come as a skill she had to learn. It doesn’t seem easy, but she does it with so much grace that it immediately inspires anyone who comes in contact with the video.

This video has been trending on TikTok and as more people get to watch it, it will be a resounding reminder that nothing is impossible. All thanks to @itskashmiere on TikTok.