Those days when the heat becomes almost unbearable, the last thing you want is to sit in a car with an AC that isn’t blowing you cool air. There are several benefits to having an AC system in a car. These are;

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Benefits Of Car AC System

  • A cooler, more comfortable driving experience.
  • A car AC system ensures a safer drive. Turning your air conditioning on will result in cleaner, fresher air.
  •  Your car AC’s ensure a more enjoyable ride during traffic jams on a hot day.
  • A car AC system ensures a better air condition. This means that excess moisture is removed from the air, which is exactly what you want on hot, muggy days.

Even if you have your AC on, there are times when it seems as if the AC isn’t cold enough. Are there ways to make it colder? Of course, there are. In this article, you will find simple tricks to make your car AC colder;

Car Ac Gas Refill Cost In Nigeria; How To Refill Car AC
Car AC Gas Refill Cost In Nigeria; How To Refill Car AC

Turn The AC Vent Going To The Passenger Side Off

This is a simple trick you can apply, especially if you are the only one driving. It’s pointless having the passenger seat in your car cool when there’s no one there. Usually, there are control wheels or sliders on the air vents that allow you to position and direct the airflow. If you turn off the air vents towards the passenger seats, you will get more airflow in the driver’s seat.

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Park Under A Shade

On hot days, leaving your car outside in the sun will cause heat to build up inside. Your AC will have to work harder to get the temperature cool, and this can reduce its performance. To optimize your AC and make it colder, ensure to park under a shade or use a windshield shade to reduce direct sunlight entering your car.

Clean/Replace The Cabin Filter

A dirty cabin filter will restrict airflow from the AC’s vents. The major function of an AC filter is to prevent dust, pollen, dirt and other pollutants from entering your car through the A/C and heat vents. If the filter is dirty, you won’t get your much desired cold air. Endeavour to check and clean out the filter. If you can’t do it yourself, check through your car’s owners manual or consult a mechanic.

Refill The AC System

The car AC is able to create a cool ambience in your car through a circulating system that includes both a compressor and a condenser and relies on refrigerant. When the ability of your AC to give cold air begins to decline, it’s likely because you are low on refrigerant, popularly called Freon. Observe your AC’s refrigerant level and refill it with the recommended refrigerant. You can do this refill yourself or you seek the services of a mechanic.

Avoid Switching To ‘Max’ Once You Enter Your Car

When you leave your car parked outside in hot seasons, the air inside the car is usually hotter than the air outside. This is where you need to exercise restraint. For anyone, the first reaction is to turn on the AC to ‘max’. But the fact is, you are only overworking your AC because it is taking air from inside the car, cooling it, and blowing it back into the cabin. Instead, what you should do is to allow airflow in from outside into the car by lowering the windows, or even open the car doors. Then you can turn on the fans to their maximum speed. After a while, you can tend to turn on the AC and you start feeling cool in no time.

Why You Should Not Turn On Car AC Immediately After Entering Hot Car
Why You Should Not Turn On Car AC Immediately After Entering Hot Car

Keep The AC Temperature At Its Coldest Setting

When driving, it’s best to keep the temperature fixed to avoid giving your AC mixed signals which can affect its cooling efficiency. Keep the AC temperature at its absolute coldest setting so that your cabin can be colder. You can adjust your fan speed depending on what’s comfortable for you.


Any car AC system is one of the most treasured parts of a car as it determines how pleasurable a ride can be especially on hot days. The steps above can help you get the best out of your AC and make it colder.

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