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5 Hidden Secrets Nigeria Car Dealers Wouldn’t Want Car Buyers To Know

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There’s a saying “Not all that glitters is gold” and when it comes to the business of cars this quote is so true. A glimpse of a beautiful flashy car will make you want to own it not only because of its beauty but also because of the relief and comfort it gives.

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It’s no hidden fact that every business has its own little secret and car dealers in Nigeria aren’t an exception on this subject matter. Most of these beautiful looking cars you see sometimes have gone through several maintenance processes to put them in such a beautiful state, and the truth about some of these shiny beautiful cars will leave you amazed as most of the information passed from a car dealer cannot be relied on as the sincere truth, It is important to shine your eyes wide when it comes to buying cars.

Here are some things a Nigerian car dealer wouldn’t tell you;


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1. Profit Made On Each Car

Just as it is in other businesses where sellers don’t state facts about the profit made on goods sold, so also it is for car dealers. Businesses can be unpredictable; while some are very profitable some others are not too profitable and sometimes could even be at a loss. A car dealer would tell you anything so as to make you feel pity for him and pay his intended price

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2. Rolled Back Mileage /odometer Fraud;

The term “Mileage” and “Odometer” are both used simultaneously but they both have separate meanings. Are you wondering what the term “Mileage” means?  Mileage in cars refers to the total distance travelled by a particular car since the time it was manufactured. Another term to consider with car mileage is an Odometer.

What is an odometer?

An odometer refers to an instrument used for measuring the distance travelled by a wheeled vehicle (car). It’s no hidden fact that with the world turning into a global village, almost everything is possible and one such is an “odometer fraud”. An Odometer fraud is an illegal act of rolling back the odometer, thereby making it appear that the car has a mileage lower than what it really should be. For instance, a car that has trekked for 200,00km will show that it has only moved about 40,000km.

3. Flooded Cars

Just imagine parking a car and after days of continuous rain activities, you come out and realize that your car has been submerged in water. What will you do? Some might just sell it at a cheap price rather than lose it all. I remember a time when it rained for days; one of the experiences of car owners was “flooded cars”.It is true that a car as this can be fixed but not all of its functionalities will return back to normal as some intense damages may have been caused by the water. A car dealer wouldn’t share such information with its buyer as a piece of information as such can make the prospective buyer have a second thought.

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4. Accidented Cars

I guess this wouldn’t come as much of a shock to you as you would have at one point or the other seen cars involved in an accident being taken to a Panel- beater/ Mechanic / Auto-Electrician and afterwards it comes out looking like nothing had happened. But what you probably didn’t know is that some of these cars are then bought by car dealers and worked upon and it comes out looking brand new afterwards it’s been sold out for a whopping sum. In most cases, car dealers would prefer buying such cars as the would-be sold at very cheap prices and after all the expenses incurred the deal comes out much more profitable compared to the the cost of going for a brand new car. Most car dealers wouldn’t be sincere enough to tell you that the car you are admiring and paying for was one that was involved in such processes.

5. Unpaid Custom Import Duty

 The travails involved in importing goods can at times be very stressful and money- involving and when it involves Nigeria then it could be more tiring as most of these goods are being smuggled into the country without proper settlement and later seized from its final buyers.

This has now been worked on as the Nigeria Custom now launched a process that allows you to check if a particular vehicle duty has been paid with the use of a paper verification process.

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