We are sure you have noticed that the fuel you get at most filling stations in Nigeria is riddled with impurities. But fuel costs keep increasing, and with the news that subsidies are going to be removed by the end of the year, would pay more for premium fuel be worth it?

Nigerians are not used to hearing the word “premium fuel,” The notion is that fuel is fuel, and as long as my various machines can generate it, satisfaction is guaranteed. But most don’t have the idea that our gasoline contains a large number of impurities, which, at the end of the day, will negatively affect their cars

One thing that is very common among consumers is that they would rather pay less for a minimal product than pay more for better quality. Everyone should be a little frugal at times, but does this frugality help if your car keeps ingesting badly produced fuel? Probably not. 

Octane levels are what usually differentiates premium fuel from one that is not. Luxury cars are one of those cars that we can determine that good premium fuel should be used for because, if not, the long-term cause can result in more money for maintenance. 

Is the extra expense worthwhile or not? Some cars would genuinely benefit from premium fuel, but most consumers are turned off by the greater cost. If you drive a performance car, you might want to at least occasionally spend money on a tank of premium gas. Premium fuel will ensure that the car performs at its best and should benefit your engine, lowering the likelihood of future expensive repair costs.

Does having a performance vehicle, however, mandate that you always choose the more expensive fuel? Below, we’ve gone into greater detail about this subject:

What exactly is “premium fuel”?

Simply put, premium fuel has a higher octane rating than regular gasoline. In Nigeria, the usual scale of octane level for fuel is 87, which, one would have to admit, isn’t good in any way. Although it may not seem like much of a change, a higher octane percentage will result in a higher compression rate in your engine, which should improve performance.

The catch is that your car will only perform better if it was built to use higher-octane fuel. If your vehicle is configured to run on regular fuel you are unlikely to notice a noticeable performance improvement. In the UK, the majority of cars only require regular fuel but with the introduction of luxury cars in the Nigerian market, regular petrol won’t cut it performance-wise. 

Really, you should only use premium petrol if your car absolutely requires it. They will be high-performance automobiles that will be much more expensive to buy and operate overall.

Does premium diesel exist?

You can buy premium diesel, despite it not being as widespread as premium fuel. Yet, a higher octane level would be unnecessary in a diesel engine because it generates power through compression rather than by igniting fuel. Therefore, the more expensive diesel prioritises engine protection instead.

Additional chemicals added to premium diesel are intended to minimise greasy buildups in the fuel system and shift soot deposits within the engine. Hence, while these diesel fuels won’t increase performance, they can help prevent long-term engine harm.

Can Regular Petrol Damage Your Car?

In some countries, you can get fuel  with lower octane than 87, which may cause what is known as “knocking.” This is the reason why the gasoline and air in your engine’s cylinder don’t burn properly. When the engine is running, you might notice that it sounds harsher than usual and hear a pinging sound. Driving your automobile abroad requires caution because using lower-octane fuel too frequently can cause engine failure.

When using regular petrol in a high-performance car, the car can knock. These cars often have a greater compression ratio, and thus they need more high-octane fuel. The owner’s manual for your vehicle or a label inside the fuel filler flap will tell you what kind of fuel it requires. 

Ways to Lower Petrol Prices

Sadly, there isn’t much you can do about the price of fuel if you want to save money overall. Yet there are steps you can take to increase your miles per gallon and reduce your overall gas expenditure.

You can start by trying to drive more smoothly. This entails using a light touch when applying the brakes and shifting gears a little earlier.

You can also try cleaning out your boot to make your vehicle lighter. Moreover, it could be worthwhile to remove any roof racks or other extra weight from the outside of your car. Also, if you’re willing to use public transportation, you can spend less on fuel.  

Is premium fuel worth it?

Before answering this question, you need to look at your vehicle’s specifications. If the car requires a higher level of octane, then buying premium fuel will be worth the cost. Your vehicle will perform better, and you’ll be protecting your engine from long-term damage. On the other hand, if your car doesn’t need high-octane gasoline, investing in this type of fuel will only mean unnecessary costs. 

The most important query is whether you prefer price over performance. You should consider your finances and vehicle usage before purchasing a new car. A more powerful vehicle would be a better option if you drive a lot, even though the fuel costs would be greater. A regular car that runs on regular fuel is definitely your best bet if you’re seeking the cheapest option!

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