Here’s Why Honda Civic Owners Love Their Cars So Much

2023 honda civic front view
2023 honda civic front view

Honda has consistently won awards for their various vehicles, and Honda fans love their cars. Almost all Honda cars are loved by their owners, and the Honda Civic is no exception, as it has won several safety awards. 

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In a Honda press release, the car brand was awarded by IHS Markit. Every year, IHS Markit will analyze the approximately 17.5 million new cars that are bought every year. From this analysis, IHS Markit tries to find customers’ loyalty to a particular make or model.

The way that IHS Markit measures that, according to Honda, is that if a household that already owns a new car goes back to the market and buys another car of the same make or model, then that household is considered loyal. And, in the sedan segment, Civic owners were rated as the most loyal out of every other car on the market, including luxury cars.

Why Does Honda Have Loyal Customers?

2023 honda civic interior
2023 honda civic interior

This high degree of loyalty shouldn’t be too surprising to Honda or even to Honda drivers. Honda knows that many people who buy its cars are not first-time Honda owners. Many of those drivers have driven a Honda before and loved it so much that they’re buying another Honda. As a result, Honda designs its cars to suit the needs of those types of drivers. 

In terms of why Honda owners love Honda so much, it’s all very subjective. But Honda, just like Toyota, have a great reputation. Both brands are well-known for making very safe and very reliable cars. This is ultimately something that many consumers look for when buying a car. A lot of people don’t know how to do routine maintenance on their cars, and with a Toyota or a Honda, you won’t have to think about that often.

And for families and new drivers, safety is one of the most important things to consider when buying a new car. Hondas have a lot of standard smart safety features that make it affordable to keep people safe. These features and Honda’s tendency to do well in its crash tests are why Honda is popular for its safety. 

But, these reasons are something that almost every Honda owner will experience with their car. IHS Markit says that Civic owners, in particular, are more loyal than the owners of other sedans that Honda makes. Unsurprisingly, the Civic is a step above its competitors in many other ways.

Why Honda Civic Car Owners Love It So Much 

2020 Toyota Corolla vs 2020 Honda Civic Head-to-head Comparison
2020 Toyota Corolla vs 2020 Honda Civic Head-to-head Comparison

As Consumer Reports said, the Honda Civic is just an all-around solid car. Its engine options are very good, its handling is smooth and competent, and it also gets great fuel economy. Indeed, Consumer Reports said that the Civic gets 21 mpg in the city and 45 MPG on highways for a combined 32 MPG. 

Furthermore, according to Consumer Reports, the Civic is spacious for its size. Unlike many other sedans, the Civic has more than enough space for most types of passengers. That said, the comfort that the Civic’s seats provide those passengers may not be the best in the class, but they’re still pretty decent overall.


When you consider the pricing, quality, and safety features of the Honda, especially the Honda Civic, it’s not surprising that the Honda Civic is such a beloved car. 

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