It may be very difficult to return with the aid of utilizing a used Bentley, Rolls-Royce or other excessive-end luxurious automobiles on the market in Nigeria, and we know the reason why. 

If you wake up nowadays and are determined to shop for 20 used Toyota Camrys in Nigeria, in much less than an hour you’ll have all 20 of them brought to your own home due to the fact that they’re very readily available.

We understand you’re making plans to shop for 20 excessive-cease luxurious automobiles for your pals or yourself someday soon, much. If you want 20 used Rolls-Royce Phantoms in Nigeria nowadays, you’ll likely have to wait for six months to get them shipped right all the way down to you right here in Nigeria due to the fact that it’s simply too tough to find.

There are reasons why you do not see excessively luxurious automobiles frequently displayed at vehicle dealerships in Nigeria, and that’s what we might be discussing nowadays. There are apparent motives and there are motives you by no means have any idea of. Why are there no used, high-cease, luxurious automobiles in Nigerian dealerships or vehicle income platforms?

These automobiles have a ‘neck-breaking’ obligation and custom costs

The customs levy and clearing expenses into Nigeria are some of the craziest costs in Nigeria. To deliver a 2015 Lamborghini Aventador or a 2016 Rolls-Royce Ghost to Nigeria, you’ll have to pay 70 per cent of the vehicle’s worth.

These automobiles have been seized due to the fact they don’t have any custom obligation. No vehicle provider will buy a used vehicle for N85,000,000 and pay 70 per cent of that, or N60,000,000, just to keep it in a vehicle lot and wait for a lucky purchaser to return and buy it off.

That is an excessive amount of cash being tied down with an excessive degree of uncertainty. You can find out how to shop for public sale luxurious automobiles from Nigerian customs. It’s miles less expensive due to the fact that they were seized from their unique proprietors.

Automobiles are more readily available nowadays for reputation image functions

Nigerians have this mentality of purchasing excessive-cease luxurious automobiles in the modern day only for reputational reasons in our society. They want to make the information in their new automobiles like famous headlines. Which of the following headlines sounds better in 2020?” Davido purchases a 2020 Bentley Bentayga” and “Davido purchases a 2012 Rolls-Royce Phantom.” Obviously, the primary one sounds better. This is why Nigerians hardly ever shop for used excessive-cease super/luxurious automobiles in Nigeria.

Their resale value could be astronomical

Many proprietors of excessive-cease luxurious automobiles in Nigeria by no means get to sell them at prices they’re happy with, particularly in the event that they have used them for over 6 months.

This makes them by no means claim their automobiles publicly on the market; they simply by ship them to a recognized man or woman and use the phrase “a giveaway price.” Have you ever wondered where high-end automobiles such as Ferraris and Lamborghinis are repaired and serviced in Nigeria? Well, it’s very scarce and expensive. Who will buy a Lamborghini in Nigeria now that they are on the market? Nobody

However, this does not prevent a few vehicle sellers from promoting used, excessively luxurious automobiles. In fact, a few vehicle sellers import strictly excessive-cease automobiles into Nigeria.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it more expensive to maintain luxury vehicles?

Because luxury cars have many high-end features, they may cost more to maintain than basic vehicles. This can include replacing tires and other parts. If you drive a luxury car for an extended period of time, it may cost more to replace your car than if you purchased a new vehicle after a couple of years.

What makes them different from other vehicles?

The first obvious difference between a luxury car and other vehicles is in their price. While you may be able to get into a base-model mid-size sedan for under $20,000(N12,000,000) or an SUV for under $40,000 (N24,000,000), buying a high-end vehicle can cost well over $100,000(N60,000,000) (or even more!).


It is not easy to become a luxury used car dealer in Nigeria as the market is limited. Anyone looking to buy a high-end used car in Nigeria should be really patient when searching. Also, take advantage of the fact that buyers’ options are very limited.

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