Because vehicle marketers and auto dealers in Nigeria are notorious for hiding damaged cars as neat-looking, well-functioning cars in order to sell their wares as quickly as possible, accident cars are not always easy to identify to an inexperienced customer.

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However, occasionally, buyers may still give the vehicle a chance despite knowing it has been in an accident because of the low price.

So, how can you tell whether a car has been in an accident and should you buy a tokunbo with a history of accidents? The complete solutions are provided in this post. Buying a tokunbo automobile is not a simple undertaking; in fact, it can be a tricky deal.

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So how can you tell whether a used automobile has been in an accident before? The steps are as follows:

Examine the Tokunbo car history data 

You can see all of the vehicle’s accident history in the auto history record. By looking at that data, you may decide for yourself if the car you want to buy is excellent or poor.

Look for corrosion and accident-related damage indications.

Is it difficult to spot signs of past accidents? It’s actually not at all simple. However, be calm because there may be some startling indicators, which we will identify. 

  • Search for rust.

Rust is a typical issue with second-hand cars, especially in areas where salt is used often throughout the winter. Any old automobile or truck between the ages of 5 and 6 will exhibit some sort of rust unless it is already rusted.

Rust can be found on the flooring, braking components, or body panels of some cars, but only in a few specific places. For a brief period of time, rust may be cured, but once corrosion starts, it is very difficult to stop. If a rusty automobile is fixed, it will rust again in the future. Therefore, just like with earlier incidents, a used automobile should not have significant corrosion.

  • Many things can be revealed through reflection

Looking in the mirror is the quickest and easiest way to spot evidence of a paint job or a body repair. For instance, the car’s clean lines and beautiful paint finish make it appear new. But, most times, it might just have been repainted resulting from an accident. 

  • Examine the fit of the body panels

Watch for indications of mismatched panels. For instance, the trunk lid, hood, and other plates should be perfectly level with the other panels when the door is closed. If the car’s rear door is not equipped with additional panels when it is closed, indicating that the bodywork has undergone some repair. Look closely at the car’s front bumper; to see if it is slightly different paint than the rest of the body. Additionally, if you notice any indicators of the same issue, the area has to be checked out more thoroughly.

  • Evaluate the two sides

If you discover a problem with the car, a smart inspection tip is to compare the problematic part with a different one. When looking at the two sides,  if there is practically no space between the two components, then there is a problem. 

  • Checking for differences and mismatched colours in the texture of the paint

 Examine the car’s paint closely to determine its condition. If a car gets new paint, the body will have a different texture and will be clearly damaged. Repainted sandpaper marks are an obvious indication that something has been repaired.

  • Examine the fasteners holding the hood to the hinges

This advice will help you look for accident damage to the vehicle. First, open the hood and begin inspecting the bolts holding it to the hinges. If the bolts show any signs of being damaged, the car’s hood has either been moved from its original location or a new one has been installed.

  • Avoid purchasing previously flooded cars

It is strongly advised against purchasing tokunbo cars that have already experienced flooding. The electrical system of a flooded automobile will experience several issues, and it will also be older. You may also look up the vehicle’s history record to see whether it has ever been flooded. Pay more attention to vehicles coming from locations that have regular flooding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy a car that has been in an accident?

The reason you shouldn’t buy a car that’s been in an accident is that it’s likely to have sustained long-term damage. Even after taking it to the repair shop, the accident could continue to cause unpredictable issues throughout the car’s lifetime.
Moreover, it’s hard to guarantee that the repair shop you take your car to will fix it adequately rather than simply opting for a “quick fix.”

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While buying an accident-damaged car is perfectly acceptable, it’s crucial to look for previous damage. A car that has been in an accident could have major structural or mechanical problems that end up costing you a lot of money. That is why you should check out the areas of the car you want to buy to avoid any surprises.

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