Gunmen claiming to be members of the Oyo State Park Management System attacked Jogor Centre, the site of the ongoing State Congress of a faction of the People’s Democratic Party in Oyo, for the second time in less than 24 hours (PDP).

Approximately 50 automobiles parked outside the stadium were damaged, and five persons were injured. The hoodlums rushed the premises from the back gate, shooting intermittently into the air and hacking everyone who looked in.  Murhi International Television (MiTV) was using one of the cars that were wrecked to transport reporters to the area.

Cutlasses, axes, firearms, and other hazardous weapons were also visible among the hoodlums. When a delegate who has yet to be named was struck in the head with a matchet, he received matchet wounds. Many people fled for their lives as a result of the circumstances

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