God When? The Moment Ola Of Lagos Caught 500 Million Naira Cars On A Nigerian Road

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No matter how many times you look at it, it’s almost unbelievable that there are wealthy people in Nigeria who can throw millions of Naira around to purchase a car. 

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200 Million Naira Rolls Royce & 300 Million Naira Bentley Found On Nigerian Road
200 Million Naira Rolls Royce & 300 Million Naira Bentley Found On Nigerian Road

This was the momentary shock Ola of Lagos went into immediately when he found two 500 million Naira cars driving on a Nigerian road. 

500 million Naira is basically $1.200 million. Regardless of where you are living in the world, having a net worth of $1 million+ is a lot of money to live with for the rest of your days.

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Therefore, it’s no surprise that anyone will be immediately driven into shock to find cars worth that much on the road at the same time. 

These cars are no other but a 200 million Naira + Rolls Royce Wraith and a 300 million Naira + Bentley Continental.

These two cars are among the beast of cars today without any doubt. Places in Nigeria you’ll easily find these types of cars are Lagos and Abuja. 

While recording a video of the cars as they moved with escorts, he theatrically laments, “I’ll not be poor. There’s no advantage of being poor.”


Since sharing this video, it has been viewed by 163 thousand people. And, many of his followers and fans are all in awe of these two cars and the fact that it’s owned by someone in Nigeria.

What comes to mind when you first see this video is, “if one person can own 500 million Naira + cars in Nigeria, how much do they have left in their net worth?” It’s plenty! 

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