Obtaining a driver’s license in Nigeria is not as hard as it poses to be. So far as you have the willpower, and need to become a licensed driver in Nigeria, the road becomes pretty much easier from there. Like every country in the world, the first step to getting licensed as a driver is to attend a driving school. Also in Nigeria, obtaining a driver’s license is not free, as you need money to get it out.  So, in this post, I have highlighted the General Frequently Asked Questions about Nigeria Driver’s Licence.

How much will the New Licence Cost me?

Licence ClassValidity
Class A₦5,000₦8,400
Other Classes₦10,000₦15,000

Please note the following:
1. There might be other charges depending on the payment channel selected.
2. Where the applicant chooses to apply for multiple classes, each class will be charged separately.

How do I pay for the New Licence?

Payment for the new licence can either be made online on the application Portal at nigeriadriverslicence.frsc.gov.ng or at any of the participating banks.

I just renewed my licence. Can I continue to use it until it expires?


I am a fresh applicant. What do I need to do to obtain the new Driver’s Licence?

1. Visit an accredited driving school and complete the mandatory drivers training.
2. Obtain a driving school certificate number from the accredited driving school to be used to initiate a fresh application.
3. Access the nigeriadriverslicence.frsc.gov.ng, click on the DL Application tab and select New Driver’s Licence Application.
4. Provide your Certificate Number (Which is the number on the certificate provided from the driving school attended) and click on submit.
5. Fill in your application details and submit and make payment.

What happens to a driver’s Licence that has recently expired, Say February 2018?

Initiate Renewal Application from the FRSC DL Portal.

Can I send somebody to an Information Processing Center with my passport photograph and other documents to process my Licence application on my behalf?

No, the applicant must be there in person.

After I supply my information, will I be able to change it later?

Yes, you can change your details, but you will be required to provide relevant supporting documents.

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