The country’s fuel scarcity level is causing many issues for everyone. A recent viral video shows the moment a man arrived at a filling station to buy fuel with a GeePee tank. 

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The tank alone can contain 1,200 litres of petrol, and seeing him with the tank scared people queuing, including drivers who wanted to buy fuel for their vehicles.

From the tank the man was carrying, he had arrived to buy fuel to store up and probably resell at a black market price in case of necessity. The video also showed the moment the man drove away from buying 1,200 litres worth of fuel.

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Wahala 😂😂 make person use this one come buy fuel 😂😂

♬ original sound – Real_Coker

Here are some of the comments from social media users concerning the situation:

“I’m leaving this comment here so that each time a person likes it, I come back to rewatch and laugh.”

“fuel when everybody dey manage e reach you turn you go carry jepee tank😂😂😂”

“Haaa obi importer and exporter”

“Na my front dey carry this drum con buy fuel.”

“People living in earth are something else. I’m commenting from mercury.”

“We too dey play for this country.”

“This one happen for Ibadan…werey full every city.”

“Na 2m go full am.”

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  1. Apkos can never stop impressing us..he be obi supporters this time around lol

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