Due to the scarcity of fuel, long lines at various petrol stations have become a persistent problem in most states. Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria has stated that the current shortage would persist until the government took a firm stance on subsidy elimination, complete deregulation, and price determination.

The marketers had also denied the Federal Government’s assertion that the fuel price at the pump had not increased. The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Limited exclusively controls petrol imports into the nation.

With all these issues so many car owners have packed their cars to use public transportation, but yet you still have to spend more as all the transport means in Nigeria have increased their fees, places you go for N200 is not N500 same money you would have used to buy fuel.

Why using your personal cars is better than using public transport

Using a personal car can be more convenient than using public transportation as it allows for more flexibility in terms of scheduling and destinations. Personal cars also provide a greater sense of privacy and comfort. Additionally, in some areas, public transportation may not be as well-developed or reliable as private vehicles. However, using public transportation can be more environmentally friendly and cost-effective. It also reduces traffic congestion and parking problems.

Ultimately, the decision of whether to use a personal car or public transportation depends on individual preferences and the specific circumstances of one’s location and lifestyle.

How to Use Less Fuel in Your Car

The best way to use less fuel in cars is to drive efficiently. This includes:

  1. Drive at a steady speed: Avoid rapid acceleration and braking, which can decrease fuel efficiency.
  2. Keep your tires properly inflated: Under-inflated tires can decrease fuel efficiency by up to 3%.
  3. Use cruise control: On the highway, using cruise control can help maintain a steady speed and improve fuel efficiency.
  4. Remove excess weight: Remove unnecessary items from your vehicle, as extra weight can decrease fuel efficiency.
  5. Use overdrive gears: When driving on the highway, use overdrive gears to decrease engine speed and improve fuel efficiency.
  6. Use the correct oil: Using the recommended oil for your vehicle can improve fuel efficiency.
  7. Avoid idling: Turn off your engine when you are parked and waiting, as idling can use a significant amount of fuel.
  8. Use eco-driving techniques: Eco-driving techniques such as anticipating traffic, coasting and maintaining a steady speed can help improve fuel efficiency.
  9. Keep your car in good condition: Regular maintenance such as replacing air filters, spark plugs, and keeping the engine tuned, can improve fuel efficiency.
  10. Plan your route: Avoid the traffic and take the most efficient route to your destination to reduce fuel consumption.

How to Use Less Fuel with AC On in Your Car

  1. Use the AC sparingly: Running the air conditioning in your car can decrease fuel efficiency, so try to use it only when necessary.
  2. Park in the shade: Parking your car in the shade can help keep the interior cool, so you won’t need to use the AC as much.
  3. Open windows at low speeds: At lower speeds, it may be more fuel efficient to open the windows and let fresh air in instead of using the AC.
  4. Use the “recirculate” setting: If you need to use the AC, use the “recirculate” setting, which recirculates the air inside the car, rather than drawing in hot air from outside.
  5. Use the “vent” setting: At higher speeds, using the “vent” setting can help cool the interior while minimizing the use of the AC.
  6. Use a sunshade: A sunshade can help keep the interior cool and reduce the need for AC.
  7. Keep your AC system in good condition: Regular maintenance and tune-ups can help keep your AC system running efficiently and reduce fuel consumption.
  8. Use a solar-powered vent fan: Some cars come with a solar-powered vent fan, which can help reduce the temperature inside the car and decrease the use of AC.
  9. Use seat ventilation: Some cars have seat ventilation that can help cool you down, reducing the need for AC.
  10. Use seat covers: Using seat covers can help keep the seats cool and reduce the need for AC.

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